Sunday, January 21, 2007

Told ya!

I knew this wouldn't last very long, but I am really going to try! I am going to attempt to post some mindless rambling at least once a week. Wish me luck.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

I only THOUGHT I was successful!

Okay, so I graduated high school, went to a nationally recognized university (sorry it wasn't Ivy League), graduated in 4 years and managed to land my first "real" job. I lived on my own in an apartment that I paid bills to maintain. I even went out and bought my first NEW car all by myself. I wanted a car, went to the auto show, sat in it, bought it the next day. A bit of a knee jerk reaction, but I am happy with my purchase of the Mini. Next, I bought and have cared for a living thing. I wanted an armoir, went to the flea market, held the puppy, bought it the next day. A bit of a knee jerk reaction, but I am very happy with my purchase of the pomeranian. Then, what I thought was the last step to successful, single adulthood. I bought my first place! I found it on the internet, called up a realtor friend, looked at it, signed an offer the next day. Again, a knee jerk reaction, but all of these have worked out swimmingly for me. The first place is no different. It has added to my feeling of success. I have drilled, sawed, hammered, painted, fixed plumbing, laid tile, and that was just in the first week of ownership!
All of that made me feel like a success, but NO!! I was mistaken! I am a loser!
You see, I did not own a digital camera or an MP3 device, AND I was not a "blogger". Forget the cell phone, car, apartment, dog, first place, and diplomas-- I am sure those pieces of paper are in a box somewhere. It seems that all the world really needs is a camera, iPod, and blog. I guess a van down by the river would be nice, but really not necessary. I recently acquired the camera and iPod and figured my next step to the cool kids club application was the I am!

We will see how long this lasts.