Saturday, August 29, 2009

Six word Saturday

Can I hang out with him?!

BOOMBOX from Ely Kim on Vimeo.

My friend Amanda recently adopted a new baby bundle of joy. Her mother-in-law made a statement about him becoming a dancer. That made me giggle because I remember MANY nights of spontaneous dance parties with Amanda in high school. What do I do with these memories? Why, spend some time with YouTube videos of course. I came across this one and instantly thought, WOW! why can I not date this guy? There are some great moves in here, but 21 is my favorite. And 99 and 100. And 56. And ...

Anyway, which one is your favorite?

P.S. - I am impressed if you got through the whole thing. Here is the link to a list of the songs used.
P.P.S. - Play 6 word along with Cate...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Promises, promises

Again, I have been MIA. The month of August has been filled with me working (A LOT), a vacation to the beach, some great music, friends, and fun. I promise I will get back into a blog groove soon, hopefully in the next week.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Does it really rain here?

Well, it has been over a month since I went to visit CL in Seattle with Julie and her Mr. – does that help you put a bit of perspective on how far behind I am in my posts?! GEEZ!

Anywho, it was an absolutely fabulous trip (minus the first couple of days) filled with all the tourist type things I wanted to do/see and a few surprises too!

I flew through LAX and because of weird diet glitches that cause SEVERE migraines I grabbed some Wendy’s in the airport. Fast-forward to Seattle where CL met me and we went to meet the Julie’s at Red Robin. I thought my biggest problem through the week would be curbing headaches, but NOPE! I wake up the next morning with a HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE case of some sort of food toxicity. YUCK! Long story short, I ended up in urgent care on a couple of liters of IV fluid and put on a strict liquid diet for 5 days. Not that strict because I went for a hot dog 2 days later. Thank God for the (at the time) recent iPhone purchase to keep me entertained in bed.

The next day was spent in bed at the hotel watching WAY too much TLC and the movie Sleepless in Seattle. How ironic. CL did take me for a car tour of Alki Beach (from the movie), which was super cool.

Because I was yucky, I missed the day everyone went to the Mariners game. Tear! CL generously offered to take me on the tour of Safeco Field for my first “healthy” outing. It was really one of the coolest things I have done on a vacation. I am now a huge fan of ballpark tours. CL even liked it and she says baseball is “stupid and boring.” How are we friends you ask? We are friends because she would do things like take me on that tour.  (I will spare you the 86 pictures I took of the park and give you only two.)
We also did the whole Pike’s Place Market thing and saw the flying fish. The flowers and goods are far more interesting. We saw the VERY FIRST Starbucks. That seems really important to some people who enjoy coffee so I took a picture.

We went to the top of the Space Needle and saw Alki Beach and Pier 70 (where Real World Seattle was filmed) and some lake where Bill Gates lives. Did you know that he does not allow ANY Apple products in his house?! That means his kids cannot have iPhones or iPods. Is that not child abuse to force your kid to have a Zune?
We saw the Experience Music Project building and then went in it to find Michael Jackson’s Motown 25 outfit. Hello! Sparkle Glove! He died while I was up there and you remember this post about my love for him, so this was awesome to see.
Cool guitar sculpture in the EMP
Some Hendrix guitars
They had a Jim Henson exhibit complete with Muppet fur walls. They were so soft. Some poor kid totally got my food yuck after this picture was taken.
We went to Snoqualmie Falls. Basically, beautiful. If it was not so darn cold up there I would totally want to cliff dive and swim the falls. I did not take the “half mile” hike down to the edge of the falls – remember…IV fluids. Next time.
We went to some pier/shopping area (sorry I forgot the name, CL!) and among other things fed seagulls. Those things have no fear! I, on the other hand, have a lot! It scared me every time and was followed by me hysterically laughing.
We went to Jimi Hendrix’s gravesite. It is randomly at a little cemetery in a Seattle suburb and has absolutely no markers leading you to it, but CL is super tour guide and knew just where to go.
CL even gave a few sewing lessons to Julie and me. Julie made a great little bag and apron, and I made a dress for Bea. Since she does not appear on the blog, here I am modeling it as a shirt. I have since added some embellishment and need to take an updated picture.
To finish it off, I got a lovely view of Mt. Rainer on the way home. 
Thanks for hosting and guiding CL!! Thanks to all three of you for nursing me back to health and making me laugh through it all. Good times! Start saving for Summer ’10! BlogHer NYC?!