Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Irony in a photo

Picture this...

abandoned & faded van

field of weeds


what a message!

Monday, June 4, 2007

The 25

So, I have been getting these emails with the random question..."what do people not know about you?" Then there is the one..."name 20 interesting things about yourself". Seriously? What is interesting to one is not so much to another. But, all things not said, here are my "few things".

I quote a movie every hour I am at work and in almost every conversation.

I love estate sales!!

My favorite color is orange even though my college and high school colors were maroon and white.

I collect pictures of funny street signs

I eat potatoes everyday

I have serious OCD when I eat

I love candles, but hate to burn them for fear that they will “run out”

I don’t want to get married simply because I don’t want to get divorced

I love watching cheer competitions, but NEVER wanted to be a cheerleader.

I still put on my shoes and dance at least 4 times a week.

I am scared of worms

I am scared to be a mom because I think I will suck at it

I like that I remind people of a cartoon character

I want to be a Rockette

I HATE weddings

I LOVE the State Fair

I am scared to fly but do it a lot

I drive like a bat out of hell…or does everyone else just drive really slow?

I will go see any concert because live music is the best kind

The Great Gatsby is my favorite book. Close second is To Kill A Mockingbird

I am really crafty. I can build a bed, stain it, and make all the bedding!

I am a visual learner, but an auditory teacher.

I am obsessed with college football and Major League Baseball

I love it when it rains

I really enjoy shopping at the Farmer’s Market – even though I buy WAY too much food

Friday, May 11, 2007

The future's SOOOO bright!

I have been CRAZY busy/stressed!! But I have to say that my favorites make it worth every headache, ulcer, and tear.

Thanks for all the help, bubble hugs, food, laughter, and memories. You all are the best!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

One of the best

So my worst human characteristic is seen below, but I think there are lots of good ones. One of the best is being able to tuck your tail between your legs and say you're sorry. This is one I have never been good at, but I'm working. Well, the winner of the worst characteristic contest also has the best! :) I got a call yesterday with an "I'm sooooo sorry" and an "I didn't even think about what I said until you drove away". Like I said, there are a lot of good qualities that people can have, and I am glad that one of my best friends has one of the best human traits.
(Oh, and for the record, it is not typical that he flake like he did in the previous post.)

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Keep dragging the dog!

Why do people care?
Sure, I had a crappy relationship. I think everyone has had one of those; maybe even two. It was horrible in the end. I’ll admit it! But, when it was good, it was great. I loved the great parts and I am struggling (we both are) to keep the great parts without the “relationship” part. Strangely enough, it is working in small doses. I think it is because we are both holding on to the intense pain that we felt when it was bad. (Well, I know I am, but I can’t speak for him.) Not only is my wall back up, it is thicker than ever.
What I don’t get is that everyone, EVERYONE has an opinion about it. Now some people are keeping it to themselves, but the ones that aren’t were a problem in the first place. Why do people not want their friends to be happy? I understand a quizzical look, a “do you remember when..”, or a “well, I don’t like it, but if you do” once or twice, but being obnoxious is just 6th grade! Maybe it is because they are miserable that their life didn’t end up the way they thought. Maybe they are finding it harder to control someone than they thought it would be. I don’t really know, but simply let us do what we want to do. I can’t explain why it works, but if I could, I don’t feel like I need to explain it to an ass hat like you!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Love the Blarney!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Guinness, Bailey's, or water with a lime (gettin' crazy)!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Where are the other four?

Don’t get me wrong…I love living in the city! One of the joys of living in the city is the traffic. I think I am one of those freaks of nature that actually doesn't mind going 25 on the highway in rush hour. Yes, I would rather go the normal 80 on an empty road with no officers, but I hate sitting at red lights, so bring on the snails pace.
My opinion on traffic aside, I just have one little question. What happened to the wave? Not the obnoxious one they do at sporting events, (which for some reason Rangers/Astros fans always do when our boys are at bat…not the way it works people!) but the one that people gave in the good old days when you let them “in” during gridlock. I am lucky if people even turn on their signal, let alone wave when I back off to make room. I remember the wave all the time as a kid. That was part of the fun of sitting in the “way, way back”. Part of the responsibility of that coveted seat was to pass along mom’s wave to the person that just let her in, not to mention that then you got to make faces at that driver to see if they would crack a smile, make one back at you, or ignore you. Aw, how I loved traffic then, but now…all I ask is where are your other four fingers?! JERK!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Worst human characteristic EVER!!

I can take stealing, lying, and shady any day, but the worst human characteristic in my opinion is saying you are going to do something and not doing it! Now, I am notorious for having friends that flake, but seriously! I have been told for two months now how I need to visit someone. I finally get a free weekend, talk to them about it, plan it, even discuss it not once, not twice, but three times the day before. I visit and what do I get? A “we can hang out for a little while”. WHAT?!
Worst human characteristic EVER!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Nothin' like the middle of the day!

Ya know, growing up, all I ever wanted to do was get out of Texas. Granted I had never really lived anywhere else, but anywhere was better than this place. I hated it!!
But, as I have gained in years, I have grown an affinity for my great state! Now, I always knew the city would be my home. I mean that is where my family is. Where I will take my kids to show ‘em my high school, where I took my college friends to show ‘em my “old stompin’ grounds”. I knew secret little places and ways around that city that no else would ever think to know! I loved that! I will always love that!
I didn’t really begin to love to WHOLE state until I dated a west Texas boy. Yes, the dreaded west Texan. The one that has never met a stranger, the one that was a high school football star (at least in his own mind), the one that longs to be famous as a boy and his guitar, and the one that is crazy close to his family. He was the one that opened my eyes to the joys of Texas.
We have everything…mountains, plains, beaches. Now, none of these are going to make it on a travel channel special, but they are pretty darn special to us “natives”. We’ve got great cities. Austin – the amazing capital and music central of the state. Dallas – a shopping mecca. Houston – port city to the oil of the gulf. Fort Worth – small town feel with big city cool. And the west, Amarillo, Lubbock, and Midland – everybody knows your name and is willing to help with anything.
In a nut shell, I see Texas as the nation’s middle of the day. The east coast; the sunrise, is nice. It is nice the way I sometimes enjoy waking up early and being productive. The west coast; the night life, is nice, too. I never was really the crazy night-lifer everyday, but sometimes. Texas is right in the middle of the day. That time between like 11ish to 2ish. The time that is great for lunch with friends on a crisp fall day. That time on Saturdays that always has a great game. It is the perfect time for a good, hard nap on a rainy, winter day, or time for a relaxing afternoon by the pool in the summer. The part of the day that I love at work…when the morning doldrums have waned and I am gitty thinking about the approaching end of the day.
Texas? Texas is just the middle of the day…perfect on any day!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Things I ponder...

1. Why is movie popcorn so bad?
2. Why do I always have a sense of sadness when I reach the bottom of the bag of movie popcorn?
3. Why can I never find a traffic report on the radio when I am in a traffic jam?
4. Why do they always talk about the traffic when I am getting ready for work and nowhere near the traffic?
5. Why do the little 2 x 2 paint samples not look anything like the $20 gallon of paint I bought in the "same exact" color?
6. Why do I think that I am going to suddenly like Guiness beer just because I am drinking it in an Irish themed bar?
7. Why are booths so much cooler than tables?
8. Why is it that when I clean my house/desk/car I can never find anything?
9. Why is it that when people become rich they never have to pay for anything?
10. Why do people confuse rich for wealthy?

That is it for now, but you can be sure that there will be more in the future.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Told ya!

I knew this wouldn't last very long, but I am really going to try! I am going to attempt to post some mindless rambling at least once a week. Wish me luck.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

I only THOUGHT I was successful!

Okay, so I graduated high school, went to a nationally recognized university (sorry it wasn't Ivy League), graduated in 4 years and managed to land my first "real" job. I lived on my own in an apartment that I paid bills to maintain. I even went out and bought my first NEW car all by myself. I wanted a car, went to the auto show, sat in it, bought it the next day. A bit of a knee jerk reaction, but I am happy with my purchase of the Mini. Next, I bought and have cared for a living thing. I wanted an armoir, went to the flea market, held the puppy, bought it the next day. A bit of a knee jerk reaction, but I am very happy with my purchase of the pomeranian. Then, what I thought was the last step to successful, single adulthood. I bought my first place! I found it on the internet, called up a realtor friend, looked at it, signed an offer the next day. Again, a knee jerk reaction, but all of these have worked out swimmingly for me. The first place is no different. It has added to my feeling of success. I have drilled, sawed, hammered, painted, fixed plumbing, laid tile, and that was just in the first week of ownership!
All of that made me feel like a success, but NO!! I was mistaken! I am a loser!
You see, I did not own a digital camera or an MP3 device, AND I was not a "blogger". Forget the cell phone, car, apartment, dog, first place, and diplomas-- I am sure those pieces of paper are in a box somewhere. It seems that all the world really needs is a camera, iPod, and blog. I guess a van down by the river would be nice, but really not necessary. I recently acquired the camera and iPod and figured my next step to the cool kids club application was the I am!

We will see how long this lasts.