Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Irony in a photo

Picture this...

abandoned & faded van

field of weeds


what a message!

Monday, June 4, 2007

The 25

So, I have been getting these emails with the random question..."what do people not know about you?" Then there is the one..."name 20 interesting things about yourself". Seriously? What is interesting to one is not so much to another. But, all things not said, here are my "few things".

I quote a movie every hour I am at work and in almost every conversation.

I love estate sales!!

My favorite color is orange even though my college and high school colors were maroon and white.

I collect pictures of funny street signs

I eat potatoes everyday

I have serious OCD when I eat

I love candles, but hate to burn them for fear that they will “run out”

I don’t want to get married simply because I don’t want to get divorced

I love watching cheer competitions, but NEVER wanted to be a cheerleader.

I still put on my shoes and dance at least 4 times a week.

I am scared of worms

I am scared to be a mom because I think I will suck at it

I like that I remind people of a cartoon character

I want to be a Rockette

I HATE weddings

I LOVE the State Fair

I am scared to fly but do it a lot

I drive like a bat out of hell…or does everyone else just drive really slow?

I will go see any concert because live music is the best kind

The Great Gatsby is my favorite book. Close second is To Kill A Mockingbird

I am really crafty. I can build a bed, stain it, and make all the bedding!

I am a visual learner, but an auditory teacher.

I am obsessed with college football and Major League Baseball

I love it when it rains

I really enjoy shopping at the Farmer’s Market – even though I buy WAY too much food