Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Nothin' like the middle of the day!

Ya know, growing up, all I ever wanted to do was get out of Texas. Granted I had never really lived anywhere else, but anywhere was better than this place. I hated it!!
But, as I have gained in years, I have grown an affinity for my great state! Now, I always knew the city would be my home. I mean that is where my family is. Where I will take my kids to show ‘em my high school, where I took my college friends to show ‘em my “old stompin’ grounds”. I knew secret little places and ways around that city that no else would ever think to know! I loved that! I will always love that!
I didn’t really begin to love to WHOLE state until I dated a west Texas boy. Yes, the dreaded west Texan. The one that has never met a stranger, the one that was a high school football star (at least in his own mind), the one that longs to be famous as a boy and his guitar, and the one that is crazy close to his family. He was the one that opened my eyes to the joys of Texas.
We have everything…mountains, plains, beaches. Now, none of these are going to make it on a travel channel special, but they are pretty darn special to us “natives”. We’ve got great cities. Austin – the amazing capital and music central of the state. Dallas – a shopping mecca. Houston – port city to the oil of the gulf. Fort Worth – small town feel with big city cool. And the west, Amarillo, Lubbock, and Midland – everybody knows your name and is willing to help with anything.
In a nut shell, I see Texas as the nation’s middle of the day. The east coast; the sunrise, is nice. It is nice the way I sometimes enjoy waking up early and being productive. The west coast; the night life, is nice, too. I never was really the crazy night-lifer everyday, but sometimes. Texas is right in the middle of the day. That time between like 11ish to 2ish. The time that is great for lunch with friends on a crisp fall day. That time on Saturdays that always has a great game. It is the perfect time for a good, hard nap on a rainy, winter day, or time for a relaxing afternoon by the pool in the summer. The part of the day that I love at work…when the morning doldrums have waned and I am gitty thinking about the approaching end of the day.
Texas? Texas is just the middle of the day…perfect on any day!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Things I ponder...

1. Why is movie popcorn so bad?
2. Why do I always have a sense of sadness when I reach the bottom of the bag of movie popcorn?
3. Why can I never find a traffic report on the radio when I am in a traffic jam?
4. Why do they always talk about the traffic when I am getting ready for work and nowhere near the traffic?
5. Why do the little 2 x 2 paint samples not look anything like the $20 gallon of paint I bought in the "same exact" color?
6. Why do I think that I am going to suddenly like Guiness beer just because I am drinking it in an Irish themed bar?
7. Why are booths so much cooler than tables?
8. Why is it that when I clean my house/desk/car I can never find anything?
9. Why is it that when people become rich they never have to pay for anything?
10. Why do people confuse rich for wealthy?

That is it for now, but you can be sure that there will be more in the future.