Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Winner of a losing night

Early last week I was talking to a guy I have been hanging out with for a few months, King. I asked if he wanted to go see Bob and Jillian at HOB. He said he would let me know. Never a good sign, but I was going regardless.

So, he calls the next day and tells me he landed “some pretty decent” Ranger tickets for the same night. Oh my quandary!! Thankfully he understands the incredibly difficult position he put me in and told me to think about it. I opt for the Rangers and hope to make it to the HOB.

At no point during the week did I ask him where the seats were because 1. I think that is rude and 2. I am, admittedly, a section snob. I like my first base line Lexus seats, dang it!

As we approach our highway exit I ask what section we are in so I know where to park…yes, I have that memorized. He replies, “section 31”.  I am instantly aware that this is in front of the on-deck circle and am trying not to freak out. When we enter the park (always a cool feeling for me) he starts to lead us to the seats. We start walking down the stairs. And walk. And walk. And walk.  All the way down to the 5th row! Holy crap! 

King is still new to my life so I am keeping my freak out as internal as possible, but let me tell you, it is cracking. When we sit down I ask him if he knows who is directly in front of me. He looks and says no. I explain that it is the owner of the team. Then I ask if he knows who is directly in front of him. Again, he looks and replies in a negative. I tell him it is Nolan Ryan.  He seems a little shocked that I could recognize both from behind. Again, he is new. HELLO! SUPER FAN!!
Ian Kinsler on-deck and David Murphy at bat.
Hank Blalock--a fav of mine since I graduated.

Toward the end of the game I wave to some folks that sit on the VERY front row. She flags me down to the seats and asks if we want to sit there because they are “heading out”.  WHAT?! ARE YOU KIDDING? I tell her no because I thought it was the right thing to do, but end up taking the offer since she and her husband would not be there with us. After the game there are fireworks and…here is the highlight…
The security guard comes and invites King and me ON. TO. THE. FIELD. to watch them! Again, I hesitate but take the offer. Do not worry. I stop myself from jumping up and down, running the bases, and making a grass angel in the outfield. The fireworks were nice, I guess. Did not really pay much attention to them. Can you blame me?!
On-deck circle
To top off the night, King was kind enough to go to the Bob concert after my minor, giddy, jumping, clapping, giggle fest while walking to the car. He even danced at Bob. What the heck? This was honestly an evening that NEVER happens in my life, but boy am I glad it happened once.  I will not have that opportunity again, but dang it, it was incredible. I am so glad I remembered my camera for this one!
Sadly, the Rangers lost that night, but won the next two games of the series. By the way, those that know me in real life can probably totally picture that giddy freak out in the parking lot after the game. ;)


The Blonde Duck said...

Sounds like a wonderful night!

Tammy said...

I am so jealous. Usually, I would forget the camera. Hi from the SITStahood.

Liz said...

Great picture and post.

Taryn said...

What a great night! That pic of you in front of the fireworks is awesome! How cool!
Hopping over from SITS. I love your blog!


Design it Chic said...

Stopping by from SITS to spread some joy!
Happy Wednesday!

Jo said...

On the field! That's so exciting!!!

Columbia Lily said...

what an awesome night. so glad you had fun!!

Just say Julie said...

So much fun! I could totally picture you walking down to your seats and them promptly freaking out with the proximity! Love it! Glad you had some fun & giddiness. You deserve it!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Followed Columbia Lily's link to your blog. Great post for a first timer, your night sounds amazing - even to someone who knows little about baseball.

Monica said...

UPDATE, please! What's going on with King?