Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Focus people, FOCUS!!

Since I am pretty much done with new material at work, it is time to turn to the next task at hand. But there is so much to do before I can move on to my new challenge. The water is beginning to recede and the elephants are moving up the mountains preparing for the tidal wave. That was not a Republican joke, Eb. And yes, it does deserve to be capitalized. I digress. In response to the growing to-do list, I thought I would make a post of the “good stuff”. It was supposed to be just about work, but some other aspects of my life sneak in there also. It was too long, so the rest of the post will come tomorrow. Maybe Thursday. We shall see.

1.) Prom was wonderful. The kids looked nice, behavior was great, food was super tasty, music…was… well, music, the king and queen were very deserving (as were the other nominees), and my dress was the most comfortable thing I have worn in a long time. Well, since last year’s dress; which ended up being worn by one of my kid’s date this year.
I even ended up having a great prom night. Stop thinking that right now! I met up with a good friend of mine and we rushed to make last call. We had a nice little chat over a pint. Granted I was in full prom get-up and he was in jeans and a t-shirt (jealous!), but that is what I love about him. Always up for a pint…prom or pjs.

2.) Testing. First, it is over!! Aside from that, this is the best it has ever run. Thanks to my best friend, Robyn, who stayed up many a night until the wee hours of the morning. Everyone had a day off, tested grade levels they were familiar with, in their rooms, and even had breaks. THANKS ROBYN!! Now go hang out with your toddler and husband. She is the short one, he is a little taller. She is crazy cute, he is … a little taller.
My other test was at 7:30 in the morning after prom. I was really nervous that they would oversleep, but they all showed up. Now they were not wearing bells or anything, but they were there…EARLY! I provided breakfast and they just had to show up and do their best. They said they felt good about it. That could be a blessing or a curse. We shall see in a few months.

3.) My last DH meetings ended on a good note. They were short, sweet, and best of all, DONE! That is enough about those.

Again, the original post was way, way too long. Stay tuned for more tomorrow or Thursday...

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