Monday, June 8, 2009

Dear Liza, Dear Liza

There is a hole in my pocket!  My money is GONE!  Where does it go?!

Somehow I have burned (might as well be literally) through my entire month’s budget.  I can hear you…but Colleen, it is only 8 days into June.  Yes, I know.  But Colleen, how did you do that?   Well duh!  If I knew, I would not have a post to blog about people.  So Colleen, what are you going to do?  Hold my breath until I get paid again on the 25th and roll coins found in the couch cushions.  See?   I have a plan.

I know some of it (read “a lot”) went to the Ballpark in Arlington, but by no means all of it!  So, if you see me in real-life eating out, shopping, or generally gallivanting around town throwing hundred dollar bills into the air, please stop me...unless I am watching the Rangers.   All that money is totally worth it.   Oh, and if you stop me you can totally have one of those hundreds.

K? Thx!

Side note – have you ever actually learned the words to that song? ODD!


Lisa said...

Grace loves that song... its on one of the cd's we listen to. Funny thing is I really don't remember it from when I was a kid.

Also, you need to start couponing! It's really quite additcing! Go read at the bookstore or rent movies at the library ... both are FREE!!

Columbia Lily said...

ha ha I remember that song!!

PS - email me back, punk. =)

Just say Julie said...

hahahaha! Would you like Bob to put you on a budget? He can show you all his super secret websites when we visit su casa.

Jen said... sip-n-swap? :) jk ;)