Thursday, June 11, 2009

Post criteria

People often post comments or ask questions about my job, my hometown, or ask, "do you even have a family?"  Basically, yes, I have a job, but we (the company) are very protective of the people we work with because they deserve the utmost in privacy.  Yes, I have a hometown.  It is in Texas.  Yes, I have a family, but Sis has made it VERY clear that she wants no pics of Bea on the internet EVER!  

I respect the fact that this is my blog and they (my coworkers, clients, or family) did not ask to have their likeness splattered over the world wide web.  People have criticized me about being too protective of my work and family, but frankly they are mine and you do not get a say. Sorry. Wait, no I am not. Deal with it. 

Every picture I post is a debate.  I always want to make sure that no one in the picture could be affected in any way by the post.  I often crop photos so that it is only me, only people from the back, or identifying information is blurred.  If there are other people in the photos or mentioned by real name in the posts, they are aware of it because I have told them.  Call me overprotective, that is fine.

Just to prove my point, here is an interesting story about a company that lifted a picture from a blog and used it without the family's permission.  It is a harmless example, but just think of what else could happen.  Think about it when you think it is cute to post pictures of your small children or anyone else's kids for that matter.

Do not be paranoid and completely stop posting pics (everyone knows posts are better with pictures), just think about the ones you publish and maybe add a watermark on them.


surliness=godliness said...

or you could just find a god awful pic of someone and post it while saying happy birthday...that works, too.

Vanessa said...

First, it was great to meet you yesterday,

Second, I agree with your posting policy. I don't post pictures of people unless I have their permission and I refuse to post picture of kids. I never talk about work except in one post buried so deep I doubt if anyone would find it.

Bobbi Janay said...

It is crazy that there picture got stolen, but more insane that someone in that area knew them?