Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So I was invited to a wedding this weekend. It is one of my good friends from college (and during his post college days when he lived here in town). I RSVPed “yes” despite the fact that I HATE weddings!! But I do not think I am going to make it. I am upset about it for a few reasons.

1.) Danny was a great friend to me during some REALLY crappy times in my life. The worst two years of my life, in fact.
2.) I truly appreciate him as a person and enjoy hanging out with him and his future wife. I do want to support them in this new adventure. Plus, if I ever get married I would hope that Dan would be there when I “stand before God, family, and friends”.
3.) I will get to reconnect with old Dallas friends. I gave them to an ex boyfriend in a “divorce” of a breakup and would love to catch up with them. Yes, my ex will be there, (I think he is in the wedding) but we have both VERY much moved on in the past 2+ years.

Part of me thinks, go, it is just one night. The rational side of me thinks, save your money so you can go to MI and see your family. I just do not know. Plus, I would really like Eb to go with me. I have not spent much time with him in the past two months, and the last time we took a road trip for a wedding it was super fun! My old friends are as laid back as people can be and I know he would get along great with them.

I really just do not know!

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