Thursday, July 10, 2008

Decision made. And Holy Rangers!

I will not be attending the wedding. I weighed the options, had a nice, long phone chat with my mom (Really. It was nice.), and decided to stay home.

With quitting my job, not working this summer, and a recent death in my family, I thought it would be best to save my money so I can go up to MI a few more times this year. I know that those trips would mean more to my family than my presence would mean to Dan. Not to say that he would not appreciate me making the trip, but he is one of those friends that would totally understand. He would be cool with a visit later in the fall where we could all go out to dinner and a concert or something.

Plus, Eb called this afternoon and said he could not go because of the whole Friday night wedding thing. He is taking days off of work for more pressing things in his own life. Like tournaments. (Nothing snide meant by that) I am swelling with pride that he has recommitted to golf. I know how much he does love it. Even in the frustrating moments.

So there. Decision made. I emailed an ex and asked him to pass along my congrats and tell the old gang hello. I feel good about it. Done.

Side note...
I will spare you all the details of how the Rangers have been doing this season because I know most of you are not baseball fans. SAD! But I just wanted to reiterate in print that I will be at the ballpark for the World Series. (Even if I am 80.)

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Julie said...

I thought of you this spring when I caught the tigers spring training game... or tried to... it started raining on us before the first pitch. But I saw them take batting practice :)