Monday, April 20, 2009

La De Da, La De Da

You may remember my post about a former student from my old job that was playing at the House of Blues. Well, thankfully, I made it to Jillian Edwards’ show on Friday night. True to form, I was running late and then hit traffic as I arrived in Dallas. Thankfully, as I literally ran into the venue, I found Jill standing just next to the door. It was so good to see her and all of her friends, many of who were former students. She was her normal happy, peppy self…exactly as I remember. 

Jillian is such a genuinely kind soul, and her music is such a perfect expression of it. Yes, I am a little biased, but honestly, she is one talented young lady. I was pleasantly surprised by her poise and stage presence. She is all of 5’4”, but takes the stage and owns it with just her petite little self and a guitar. It is really incredible.
Photo credit: Chase Giunta

Her songs are mellow, upbeat, and positive without being cheesy. They have meaning and leave you wanting to listen again. They leave you with a tune in your head, humming and singing them hours later. They leave you with a smile on your face. They leave you with the knowledge that you can conquer this world. They leave you wanting to be a better person.

I am telling you, go and listen to her. You can hear her on MySpace and when you love it, go and pick up her CD at CD Baby. You can also hear samples on the CD Baby site. And for those of you that read this page and are BAYLOR BEARS (Tiffany!), she will be playing Diadeloso this Thurdsay.
Photo credit: Sandra Edwards - i think! (Jill's incredibly sweet, patient, and talented mom.  If you live in the DFW area and need a photographer for anything, contact her.)
**Oops!  Actually, the photo credit goes to Sara Kerens.**

Here are some videos for ya…

Jillian Edwards - Go Together from Clint Brock on Vimeo.  Clint is Jill's brother in law.  Seriously, could this family get any more talented?!  Oh, and the kid on the drums, March, was also one of my students.


Here is a great picture of her performing with her twin brother, Cole, who is also very talented. They have a funny little song about Dr. Pepper, but I cannot seem to get a video to embed. (Side note: love that her MySpace is day and his is night.  And I can totally hear his voice right now laughing out a "DUDE" as he is reading this and seeing the link to a page he cannot log into, let alone update.)
Photo credit: Zach Lewis

A note to sweet Ms. Jillian~
Words cannot express how very proud I am of you. Not only because of where “this music thing” is taking you, but also because of the fact that you are staying true to yourself and the person your parents and your God have allowed you to be. Your spirit is infectious and I hope that it will never fade. You have that “tallest branch of the tallest tree” for you know what it is to live. It is love and hope and laughter and peace. It is falling and learning and giving and growing and succeeding and still learning. It is praise and prayer and worship and fellowship. It is fear and faith and through it all, as you say, it is knowing you are in good hands. Thank you for reminding us of this in your music. Give your mom and dad a big hug around the neck and thank them for doing a great job. I wish you nothing but the best in the future.
Another fun side note, Cole likes to sneak into any and all pictures that he can.  The picture at the top left of this blog, the one with my mouth open?  That kid in the background to the left of my face?  Yep!  That is Cole.


Lora said...

how incredibly cool!
I taught music for awhile and miss it so much that I'm planning to go back this fall. It's where I belong--my calling. It's good to see stories like this that remind me of why I did what I did...and want to do it again.

Visiting you from SITS--have a great day!

Yaya said...

Wow!!! That is amazing!!!
She has a very "Jewel" type quality to her. (in Jewel's early days...before she turned into a self-absorbed witch).

She's beautiful!

The Blonde Duck said...

She sounds great!

Tiffany said...

How cute is she?! I get tingles hearing the "good stories" from teaching :o) And thanks for the shout out - sic 'em! It makes me want to go down to Baylor for Diadeloso!

Katherine Aucoin said...

How cool that you got see each other! I know you must have been so proud!

Columbia Lily said...

I can attest that Jillian is hands down THE nicest person I have ever met in my entire life. She has never said ANYTHING negative about anyone in her life. I am so proud of her (she was mine before she was yours!! =) )

Maki said...

I think I should go and check her out now!! She looks adorable and talented - nice photos!

Just say Julie said...

So glad that the "place that shan't be named" can turn out products like that thanks to some pretty incredible former faculty.
Looks like you enjoyed the performance!