Saturday, April 4, 2009

Workout, eating, a show = vacation

There is nothing like a good workout on your vacation, right? One crisp NY morning, we decided to go skating in Central Park. I have always loved skating, but was worried about the little one and Mom on blades of glory. We went to the Wollman Rink and after about 3 minutes, we all looked like pros. It was awesome; completely cliché, just like the movies, and more fun than I ever imagined! I highly recommend it.

We did Serendipity, which was exactly as we hoped…delish. Everyone at work told me the wait would be long, and they all recommended going down to Dylan’s Candy Bar. So we did just that. Let me tell you, that place is over stimulated to the nth degree.  The smorgasbord of smells, tight quarters, and bright colors, OH MY GOD the colors, were just too much for me to handle. Not to mention the “sweetpants” that were $60 or the bedazzled sweater I found for $350. Yes, $350 for a sweater. The stairs were pretty freaking cool, but I think I will stick to supporting the Lauren family by buying Dylan’s dad, Ralph’s, stuff and not candy.
We took in a Broadway play. It was my and Bea’s first trip to the "Great White Way". Mom decided to see The Little Mermaid. She and Sis kept asking/telling me that I did not have to go see this particular show, but to be honest, I did not mind at all. I loved the movie and would have seen grass grow if it was on Broadway. The show itself was great. We were 6 rows from the front and Sis swears Prince Eric was singing to her. My personal favorite was Ursula. Bea was quick (and loud) to point out that in the musical she has white hair and needs to have black hair like in the movie. I think that fact killed the character for the little one. I debated going to see my all-time favorite movie that has been adapted to be a Broadway show, but figured I would catch it on the next trip.

After the theatre we went to dinner for Mom’s birthday. This is one thing that I was SO looking forward to on the trip. It will have to be another post.

Other spots we got to in our time included The Late Show, complete with a trip to Hello Deli to order from Rupert. I only ate a bite of Bea’s sandwich, but it was really quite good.

We went back to Central Park, this time to watch some street performers. Bro will be glad to know that I taught the little one the lesson that you cannot stop and listen unless you plan to pay them something. She took to it immediately and then wanted to stop and watch ALL of them. 

We stopped by Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. I always loved the pomp and circumstance of the Catholic Church. Old cathedrals in the United States fascinate me, and St. Patrick’s was no exception. It is stunning! If I ever move to New York, I may consider going back to the Catholic faith just to attend that church. Dad was elated to know that Bea made a request to stay.
I also got to two museums. Those, nights with locals, and the birthday dinner will be posted later. Stay tuned…

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Ritch in Love said...

NYC is my home away from home! I lived there for 18 months and it was the best time of my life. I adore it. My husband adores it. It's just impossibly expensive to live there otherwise I'd be there now!
The Little Mermaid: I'm glad you gave it a good review. I'd love to see it.