Sunday, April 19, 2009

Art in the city

It is the last post about New York….I swear. Well, at least until I go back in July. In case you missed the rest of the trip, go here and here and here.

As mentioned, I was glad to have gone with my family and done a bunch of cliché things, but one thing I really love doing is going to museums. It is, admittedly, a very large and very geeky side of me, but I blame it on Mr. Robinson. He was my 8th grade history teacher and made me love all things old. It is a side of me that is also fueled by my degrees in history and political science.

I had come to the conclusion that I would rather do stuff with the fam than slip away and go to the museums. However, Mom and Sis knew I really, REALLY wanted to go and graciously gave me 45 minutes to go through the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Yes, 45 minutes to comb through approximately 2 million pieces of art. CRAZY! They attempted to come with me, but as soon as we walked into the first room, the Greeks and Romans, and Sis and Bea burst out laughing at the naked sculptures with no arms, I knew it would not work. So, I took a few minutes with my map and plotted a speed race through my selected interests. Sadly, I did not take pictures, but I did get to see the Impressionists I love and went through the various dynasties of China.

The next day I took 2 hours to go through the MoMA. WOW!  I have to say is…modern art…I do not “get” it. I mean, an iron plugged into a wall is not art, it is a chore. Dishes in a sink that is overflowing? Huh? I guess some of it is cool, but a lot of it is odd to me. I guess I am just jealous that I never thought to make my pile of dirty laundry into a $250,000 piece of “art”. Aside from the vast array of Dada pieces, there are a TON of cool paintings and installations in this museum. I feel like I saw the whole place, but I would totally go back for another 2 hours. Here are some pictures from the MoMA.
There was a display of Esquire Magazine covers over three decades.  
I loved this one as a piece of art, with no article to explain the meaning.  

Evidently, Andy Warhol had more than just Tomato in his pantry.
Jackson Pollock made some of his splatter paint have structure.
What I was most taken with at the MoMA was the view of the sculpture garden from inside.  It is a large collection of modern, steel sculptures set against a background of brownstones, skyscrapers, and blue skies.  
The juxtaposition was artistic in itself! 

I also spent two nights with Pip, a friend from high school that I have only reconnected with this past year. The first night I went to his apartment and we walked next door (literally) to a perfect little wine bistro and spent hours chatting and drinking. It was after Jean-Georges though, so I was in a bit of a food coma, and he had just returned from a week in Texas for SxSW.

The next night he called and asked if I wanted to go to watch the NCAA finals. So off we went to a little Irish Pub, had a few, and I met some of his friends. One guy felt the need to “show me a ‘real’ New York night”. It was a Thursday, so evidently our selection was small, but off they swept me to a RAGING dance club! WHAT?! So not my style! I am talking Night at the Roxbury, strobe lights, girls in tiny dresses, DJ spinning dance club. I am in jeans, t-shirt, Chucks, hair in a ponytail with a workout headband. Not a cute one, a black elastic workout headband. Which one of us does not belong?  

Thankfully, they knew the promoter so my attire was not an issue and we ended up with a table and bottle service. Aside from the initial shock of the place, I LOVED IT! I had such an amazing time. Never would I have ever picked to go there, but I thoroughly enjoyed Pip, his friends, and myself. I so appreciate y'all taking me in as your NY project. Thanks.  (side note: in looking for links for this post, I stumbled upon the "events" page for this club.  Thank GOD I had no idea about all of this when they said we were going!  Holy crap!)

In closing, my favorite things were skating in Central Park, Jean-Georges, Top of the Rock, 5 Napkin Burger, Citrine, MoMA, Little Mermaid, Pip in his element, and generally hanging out with the girls. Really, the company was the best part of the city.

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Pam said...

Visiting from SITS. First I love your blog layout. The colors are awesome. I, too, LOVE museums. I totally get that. I Love the MET. 45 minutes? That is tragic. I also don't "get" modern art. I hope you get to visit the Met another time when you can browse to your heart's content.