Monday, March 30, 2009

How did the Muppets do it?

It has been a while since I saw the movie, but "taking Manhattan" looked so much easier when they did it. Maybe because Nanny was not there with me, maybe because I did not run into Liza Minnelli to ask for help, maybe because the Muppets went when they were in college and well, I am a little older than “college”.
NYC is an interesting place. Call me Captain Obvious! I think the make up of my trip made me realize a bit of the scope that the city has to offer. You see…Mom, Sis, Bea and I went to celebrate Mom’s big birthday. My days consisted of toys, toys, and more toys!  We hit the major "kid friendly" tourist locations like Toys R Us, FAO Shwartz, Central Park, Rockefeller’s ice rink, Top of the Rock, Magnolia Bakery, NBC and ABC studios, all that is Times Square (M&Ms, Hershey, NYPD, pretzels, hot dogs, cheap shirts), and of course the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Did you know that is like a 7 hour-long parade?! Pictures were being taken all along the way. There were lots of other stops, but this is just the first two days.
At night I met up with friends. Actually, the first night I hit the sheets. I had been up for 20 hours straight…remember…not in college anymore! Other nights consisted of running into the Chrestes on the edge of Times Square.  Seriously!  We talked about meeting up, but never made a set plan.  (My apologies to the Mr.)  After their original pick for dinner was being bombarded by cops, it was St. Pat’s after all, I find them moseying toward Times.  It was great to see and hang out with Julie, the Mr., and the Young 'un.  What?  Is it a big deal that we had to fly to NYC to hang out despite the fact that we live a couple of hours away from each other in TX? Eh…I would do it again. Maybe June? On the west coast?
The other nights I met up with “locals” on the lower side of town. That is a whole other post. Again, the juxtaposition of the city is amazing to me. And it is exhausting to be a tourist all day and a local at night! I have to say that I am so glad my first trip was with family and especially with a little one. I now have all of the cheesy, tourist stuff out of the way.  I knew I always wanted to see those spots, but would have never made a friend drag me around to visit them all. Plus, those three girls can walk! Man, you would think that Mom and her arthritis or Bea and her lack of supportive shoes would have called it quits, but no! Those gals could lap me in a 10k…easy.

In Sis’s defense, the shoe issue was not her fault as Bea’s mom. The little one was hell bent and determined to sport her fake kiddie Uggs all through the city. Needless to say they are so gross now! Please, Sis, retire them. I hear there is a garage sale coming up, or just trash day.
Will post more later.

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