Sunday, March 8, 2009

Benefits, birthdays, and booze

Saturday, I went to a benefit filled with all the food you could imagine; canapés, appetizers, entrees, desserts as far as the eye could see. There were lovely things to wash it down; appletinis, cosmos, beer, wine, cola, and funky colored drinks I could only image about. There was gambling, big screens, fashion shows, weird stilt walking entertainers, DJs, live music, and of course live and silent auctions and raffles. I mean it is a benefit after all. Evidently the economy has affected more people more than I think. In previous years, people have fought over items. Literally tried to hide the sheets and become very protective of their bidding sticker. Well, I wish someone had told me that!

Ah, the trouble one little sticker can get me into these days. I had promised some people that I would bid on something, so my first 20 minutes there, I slap my sticker down on the sheet. Well, THREE HOURS later, it was still the highest bid! Damn it! It is not something I would have ever spent my money on, it is not tangible, and I never thought I would win. But, I did. Now it is mine. Oh well, it is tax deductable, and it will be nice to see the people that benefit from it enjoy it.

Sadly, I did not win the opportunity to throw out the first pitch at a Ranger game of my pick, or the tickets to the Red Sox/Yankees series (every game!), or the 8 rounds of golf at Pinehurst, or the first class trip to the Ryder Cup. Next year.

Off to Bridge’s birthday party!! This is a whole other beast. She decided to throw her party at quite possibly the shadiest place known to man. For anyone that does not believe America to be a melting pot needs to go to this place. There were all kinds! Some I could never explain, and question whether or not I want to. To top it off, that liquid encouragement gets all the odd ones to do karaoke. So strange, yet so fun! All the while I am thinking how crazy it is that I have gone from this high-falutin’ auction to this honky-tonk/booty droppin’/serenade in a matter of 15-minutes.

Every bit of it was a blast. It was also great to hang out with my buddy Scott. He needed a night out and happens to fit in great at both auctions and shady bars. Maybe next year we can do it on a weekend other than day light savings!


Just say Julie said...

Sorry about the first pitch... you would have been awesome! So, I have to know, what did you win?

Tooj said...

Yeah, I'm with Just say Julie...what did you win? It's not tangible?? I'm curious. LOL

Lani said...

Stopping by from sits... sounds like a fun weekend:)