Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The best laid plans

Honestly, with me, the plans are never laid very well. I am far more spontaneous than scheduled. About midweek last week, when I had mistaken the day for Friday yet again, I decided that I needed to get out of the city. I figured I would pop over to Austin for a much-needed visit with a few girlfriends and hang out with J for her birthday. After working too late Friday, I opt to go down Saturday after the rounds of opening little league games.

Boy, am I glad I called first. One friend is preggo and still in that “my body is adjusting to the lack of alcohol/caffeine, why am I so freaking tired, and seriously! can I stop crying for like 12 hours?!” stage. She was not up for the visit, then she was, then she was not, then she was again, and I rescheduled for mid-second trimester.

Then we have J whose young ‘un sadly got the “fake flu” from the petri dish known as 3rd grade. Poor guy! No puking, but body aches and the sheer frustration of constantly being told to “rest” by his doc and mother. I do not know which is worse for a 9 year old. I decided not to tempt him with a Wii champion in the house. We will reschedule with a trip to Canton or NYC or Seattle. (Love ya, CL!)

Again, so glad I called! I am done with drives to Austin for 15 minutes and then coming back.

So…what to do, what to do?

After the basic laundry, cleaning, dishes and junk, I visit Bro at the restaurant on my way to pick out a little sister for Cooper. She told me she wanted one for her birthday. ;) We found a little corgi who immediately sat on my lap and dealt with Coop’s skit-so self really well. But alas, a young couple was lurking to the side and I sadly handed over Sissy, the aptly named Corgi. Tear.

The highlight of the weekend was Saturday night when I went and had dinner with a bunch of incredibly talented, witty, and fun folks. It made me feel so adult yet it felt like a dinner with old high school pals. It was great to meet and hang out with yall!! Hopefully we can do it again sometime.

Work has been CRAZY, but hopefully I will get to posting again soon. It does help to see that most everyone else in the blog world took a hiatus for the last week in February too.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JULIE!!  I am so glad that I randomly ran into a cute boy that randomly worked at the Mr.'s school and made me want to randomly google you just weeks after you started a blog so it would randomly pop up 5th in my search.  Ah...the blogosphere...bringing old friends back together and making new ones.  I am so sorry about your car being broken into on your birthday.  STINKER!  I hope that you have a better weekend and get a chance to celebrate with those awesome men in your life.  Thanks for always being a phone call away and always making me laugh with your dry wit and solution to  Here is to your 29th year again.


Jean said...

Glad you stopped by, it was great fun meeting you. Can't wait for the next one.

J said...

Oh I would really like to visit your brother's restaurant...just reading about it made me want pizza! Send me the info on it if you get a chance!

Monica said...

Hmmmm. You could have spent the weekend with me in Aubrey with 16 teenagers at a debate tournament!!!!! Next time, be sure to call me! Love the new background!