Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sad, crushed, devastated really

**Please excuse the interlude between NYC posts**

Over dramatic? Maybe. So not a big deal to 99% of the world? Definitely. Still upsetting to me? Abso-freakin-lutely!

I cannot tell you how excited I was and the squeal of joy that came from me when I received these in the mail. These are my tickets to Opening Day for the Texas Rangers in my favorite seats.
Pure bliss! I so look forward to the perfection that is that warm spring day. The feeling of awe when I come around the tree covered corner and see the greatness that is the Ballpark in Arlington just makes me smile. It is so American to me. The smell of cotton candy, the endless chorus of beeps that scan your ticket, the crunch of peanut shells under my feet, and the barkers selling my favorite food in the world…the $4.00 hot dog. The singing of the National Anthem, military fly-over, unveiling of the American flag that covers the outfield, and the reading of the starting line-up let me know that spring is here. The “at bat” songs, the solid crack of a hit, the masterful double plays, home runs, and pitching (God, how I hope we have some this year) put a song in my heart. It was recently announced that GWB would be throwing out the first pitch. He is the former owner after all, good friends with the current owner, and has a schedule seems to have cleared up recently.

Photo from sidehike

I had planned to take a day off of work. I would drive a few hours to the Ballpark, enjoy the game with a friend, and be home late…just in time to catch a few winks before going to work the next day. This would be my one and only day off in 10 months. So I ask a coworker how to go about taking a personal day, given I have not missed a day of work since I took this new gig. She looked at me funny and told me “people do not do that here”. This was not a fact that had been unnoticed by me. Not one other person near my office has missed a day unless they were grossly sick or on professional business. After much discussion, it was advised that I not do it.

CRUSHED!! Seriously, I am expecting tears on Monday as I watch the festivities online. AHHH! I hate it! Why even give us personal days if we feel like we have to dance around using them? I blame the economy. This would not be as big of a deal if people were not in fear for their jobs. Now I just hope I can get some of my $150 back by selling the tickets, and begin to look forward to plenty of games in the summer.

I know 100% of you (okay, maybe not Julie) could care less about this issue, but I have been looking forward to it since October. Ironed my jersey this past weekend even. Oh well. There is always next year’s Opening Day, right? Thanks for letting me vent.


Monica said...

Here's somthing to make you chuckle. We got invited by friends to opening day months ago. The Honey decided yesterday it was too clost to TAKS and he had too many meetings pulling him out of class to go. Grrrr. BUT thanks to my wonderful debating skills, we may have convinced him that personal days do exist for a reason. I'm with you Sista!

AmberW said...

Ohhhh noooooooooo!
I am SO sorry.... call in sick lady!
Go to the game!! (I know, bad advice I am sure!!!)

Just say Julie said...

I'm so sad for you C! Really, my stomach was in knots over what to tell you to do.
If you still want to see a little Rangers vs Indians action, I think we play them in 2 weeks at the little league field. you can come cheer with me :)

The Blonde Duck said...

That's illegal though. Seriously. They can't deny you personal days. That's why they're personal.

Devin & Amanda said...

I think that you should develop a really bad case of food poisoning over the weekend... nothing wrong with using sick days, right?