Monday, November 10, 2008

Mars and Venus

So I was talking to a friend of mine last week that had sat through a lecture on how men and women are different. He wanted to test something out on me. He presented it as a “story” and not a test. It went a little something like this…

H : Ok, so there is this guy and girl who are dating, and they are coming up on their anniversary. She plans this picnic on Saturday at 3:00 and tells him all about it. About the amazing weather she has planned, the food, the butterflies, and unicorns, basically the perfect picnic to celebrate them. All he hears is Saturday. Three o’clock. Food. Got it.

Me : Ok. Sounds normal. Was a game on?

H : Not the point. So, Saturday comes around and she calls and tells him that she forgot mayonnaise and asks him to go to the store and pick some up.

Me : Alright. (Smirk a little)

H : So, what did she ask him to pick up at the store.

Me : (Tilt my head, pop my mouth open a little, squint my eyes and shoot him my best are-you-a-moron look.) Um…FLOWERS!

H : (stumbles back a little, throws his arms out, leans forward.) WHAT?! That is exactly what all the women said. Why would I get flowers? She asked for mayonnaise.

Me : Why would you not get flowers. You have to walk past them to get to the mayonnaise. I mean at least a card.

H : Or maybe a little bear thing.

Me : (A little insulted.) No! That will just gather dust and end up being thrown away.

H : and flowers…

Me : Not the point. Get the flowers! Damn it.

H : That does not even make sense.

Me : It makes perfect sense. You do not make sense.

Yes, that is how I win an argument. With a quick, “yeah, well you are stupid, stupid.” But seriously ladies, am I wrong? She wanted flowers, right?


Just say Julie said...

Clearly he didn't hear the anniversary part of the scenario :)

Jen said...

too funny...honestly the flowers thing didn't even cross my mind...maybe I'm from the 'boy planet' :) or maybe it's the 6 years of marriage and only getting flowers when we were dating ;)