Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Things I am loving

My car back
That is right. After 32 days and over 1200 miles on a rent car, my Mini is home. It was a long, ugly time (that is going to continue since two of the other parties are in small claims court), but now all is right with my transportation world again. The insurance company also cut me a check for “pain and suffering” which covered the rest of my deductible and gave me a little cash to get
The Wii...
Meet mii.  Does it look like me?
I am obviously still learning, but seriously J, you really should have pushed me to get this earlier. I also had some cash for my new TOMS
I love them and all that they stand for today. Then I got motivated to turn my frat house of a place into a clean house.
One more thing needed a little sprucing up and so now I have a clean pup, and the two of us have been taking long walks in the fantabulous fall weather. Everyone knows that crisp temperatures mean pulling out some new decorations.
These are the bows that The Station puts up for the holidays. They are up on the lofts above the Starbucks where I sat with my mint hot chocolate and managed to build the DONE pile for work. After a crazy hectic last two weeks, I am finally feeling like I can breath again. Especially since there are three more days until Thanksgiving break!
Baby clothes do not really fit into my regular daily life, but Amy (Eb's sister) had her baby girl EARLY this morning, so I will be sending her this terribly cute hoodie, and a fun shirt for the big brother.

On the work front...
I am loving this thing we do with another "company" to raise money for charity. The McDonald's between the two places donates 50% of their profits from breakfast all week to a shelter we work with throughout the year. Therefore, I will met the people I work for up at McD's for an early morning bite four days this week. The girls in my family will also be doing dinner and some friends will be getting together for appetizers at other restaurants that are also donating proceeds for the cause this week.  Lovin' it!!
Another work thing...there are a lot, A LOT, of international folks where I work. Every year the new people from around the world take a trip to Washington D.C. for obvious reasons. Well, they went last week. Can I say jealous?! I told one of them that I fit nicely into a large piece of luggage. She did not take me up on it. Bummer. Anyway, one of them brought back a souvenir for me. Yes, the simple idea/thought is super nice, BUT, it is a Constitutional baseball!!
 A-W-E! Seriously. It is probably one of the coolest baseball things I own. 
Scratch that, it IS the coolest.
It is complete with a replica signature of my favorite president, Abe Lincoln.

So there are 12 little things that I am thankful for and enjoying this week.


Columbia Lily said...

very cool...

Lisa said...

Yeah for having your car back!! Hopefully all the other stuff will get sorted quickly with it. Glad you were able to buy a Wii though... we love ours...when we have time to play it!

Just say Julie said...

We are ready to take you on in a little Wii tennis or bowling. Will said you need to let us know your "screen name" however that works. It is sooo much fun.