Sunday, November 2, 2008

I do not like being tagged

So, I was “tagged”.  My good friend C posted this and then sent it on to me.  I did a similar post when I first started the whole blogging thing; click here to read that entry.  All that is written there is still very true, but here are a few more…only 6 because I have serious OCD about even numbers.

1.)  I hate the fact that I do not work out.  A consistent exercise routine has not been in my life since April of 1998.  I used to be proud of that, but now it drives me crazy.  I try, but so much of it is boring to me.  Any suggestions?  (Cheap would be nice)

2.)  I love giving gifts.  When I see things that I think someone would like, I usually buy it.  Even if I have not talked to them in months, it makes me smile and remember them.  People think it strange, but it is fun.  Plus, I have a great stash in my “prize closet”.

3.)  I think SNL commercials are hilarious.  The old ones of course are classics, but some of the new ones are greatness, too.  My personal favorite is Pat ‘N Patti’s Backpack Shack.  Oh, and I adore Jimmy Fallon.  Here is a clip from his performance where I went to school.

4.)  I am addicted to the news.  I watch it a minimum of 4 times a day.  Local, national, BBC, I do not even care…I watch it all

5.)  Despite my love of and degree in history, I find it difficult to watch “historical” movies.  I spot the inconsistencies and it annoys people when I point them out.

6.)  I refuse to tell people what political party I belong to and who I vote for in elections.  I value the Australian ballot.  I will never ask you whom you voted for, so stop asking me.

I tag whoever wants to do this little thing.


Columbia Lily said...

er...yea....sorry. I think I might have been the last one on the list, I'm pretty sure everyone in the blogiverse has done this....=)

surliness=godliness said...

1. wii fit?
2. i'm poor, feel free to buy me something
3. little chocolate donuts, the breakfast of champions (i can't eat them anymore though)
4. jim lehrer and, that's all you need
5. good night and good luck (it counts as historical by now)
6. green

Colleen said...

1. have the fit, but not the wii
2. how about a trip to Vegas? oh no, wait...
3. love munchkins -- donuts, not people
4. i actually work at work. odd, i know
5. yes, i still have it. i am holding it ransom for donnie darko
6. is the way to be. i hear the m&ms make you horny