Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Coffee talk with a 4 year old

So Bea and I were chatting over a Dr. Pepper and watered down lemonade when I decided to give her a “grown up” lesson. We do this quite often and cover topics from the amendments beyond the Bill of Rights, the importance of judicial review, and the ongoing debate of whether or not we landed on the moon. Sometimes we discuss the state of the Rangers, but on that topic she usually becomes frustrated and walks away. Preachin’ to the choir sista!

This week’s topic?  The election.  What else?  It went a little something like this…

Me : Hey Bea, do you know what happens on the 4th?

Bea : [Flashes a quick glance to Mommy and then looks at me a little annoyed]  No.

Me : Well, we get to vote.  It is a REALLY big deal.  It means we get a new president.  Do you know what a president is?

Bea : No, but I know what voting is.

Me : [A little shocked]  You do?  What is voting?

Bea : We pick a new guy.

Me : Well, yeah.  So whom are you going to pick?

Bea : [In a rather matter of fact way, and not flinching from her near complete crayon masterpiece]  McCain.

Me : Huh.  Why?

Bea : [again annoyed]  Because, Aunt Coz, he is the guy with the white hair.

Me : Well, yeah, but Mimi and Mommy and I all have brown hair.  So, why don’t you vote for the guy with brown hair?

Bea : [lets out a BIG sigh and attempts an eye roll]  Because I like WHITE HAIR and I am voting for McCain!

Alrighty then.  How can you really argue with the logic of a 4 year old?  I mean she actually seems to have thought it out more than some voters, so I will let her own it.

Do not fret Eb, you have 14 years of “grown up” lessons before she votes.



Tiffany said...

White hair. The girl knows what she likes.

Anonymous said...

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Just say Julie said...

That sounds like a lot of the rationalizations I got my from my 8th graders today. Perhaps you should discuss Will's choice with him. He was quite upset that he couldn't vote this year. He's all about some Obama.

surliness=godliness said...

that's probably the best reasoning i've heard yet to vote for mccain, lord knows there isn't any other.