Monday, October 27, 2008


I don’t look gangsta?

I don’t look like a 70-year-old golf pro or a retired woman with 4 grown kids?

Really? So I don’t look like someone that would drive this?

That is right, my rent car is a sweet 300. No, I am not a booty girl in a new rap video. But I am looking for a good deal on some spinners. Are those even cool anymore?

Now, I do not think that there is something wrong with a 300. It has been a pretty decent car. (FOR TWO WEEKS NOW!!) But for the past few years I have been told that my car “fits” me. I guess I would agree with that observation. I mean my Mini is small and sassy. It is German so it has a bit of a temper, and a BMW so sometimes a part of it will just stop working for a week or so. But it is incredibly reliable. It responds when I need it to, and cleans up nicely. My Mini is me. I love my Mini! I miss my Mini.

The 300 is the last car that you would pick if I asked you to find a car for me. Hopefully the insurance people will give me good news tomorrow.

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Just say Julie said...

Did they give you a sweet system to pump your jams? I think you should trick out the mini with some spinners just so you can keep a little part of this with you :) And you're right. Anytime we pass a mini, Will know's its your car.