Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I know, I know...

...I was so on a roll, all posting daily and stuff. Well, work got the best of me and I spent a good bit of time doing just that over the weekend. Do not worry, there was some good football time in there too. Not much has been happening other than work.

I did get a chance to go and taste test Bro's new restaurant. It is pretty tasty...not gonna lie. Insert post title here, I am biased. But really, you can not screw up pizza. The only bummer to the new place is that it is NOWHERE NEAR WHERE I LIVE!! Those of you up north, feel free to email me and I will tell you where you can go check it out.

Things coming up...
Debate tonight
Fair days = no work on Thursday and Friday
Range with dad Thursday
Fair on Friday, but really, I could go everyday
TX/ou weekend Friday and Saturday
Game on Saturday (Hook 'em)
Back to the grind Sunday

I may or may not post with pictures and such after this weekend.  It depends on how it all turns out.   Anyone up for the fair?!

Oh!  I am also trying to figure out what to do for the Spring vacation.  I am thinking Chicago again.  It's my kind of town!  Here are pics from when we went to Oprah.


Columbia Lily said...


Colleen said...

I know!! I am watching the flights. Seattle is CRAZY expensive right now.

Just say Julie said...

Chicago is so much fun. We've done that for a winter break and a summer vacay. Unfortunately Oprah wasn't filming during that time :( I don't think we are fair bound till Sunday. May drive up Sat afternoon though. Want to wait until after kick off so we don't have to deal with traffic.