Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Lesson

1.) Palin’s wardrobe. Today the media has jumped on what it costs to outfit the VP candidate. The “ladies” of The View made mention that she was spending “tax payer” money. I guess that is true at the core, but in reality she is using donations from SUPPORTERS to do this, and those that donate know that their money could be spent in such a way. When donating to a campaign, a good bit of money is earmarked for certain expenses. This includes a category for appearance. That covers the CRAZY expensive suits the men wear, too. Shoot, once they are in office, congressmen, presidents, VPs, first ladies, etc. all get an allowance for these expenses. That money comes from all taxpayers, supporters and otherwise.

2.) McCain being a Maverick. I really think that this short article sums it up better than I ever dreamed. Plus, it comes from the mouth of a real Maverick. (Sorry Eb, it is not Dirk) Side note: There is a person at work who has the first name Maverick. I feel like they will be very happy when this is all over with on November 4.

3.) Could both candidates please stop talking about what they would do to save the economy? Almost all national tax bills begin in the House of Representatives. The man in the White House can do little more than make phone calls to convince people to write/vote for bills concerning the economy. If you believe that one of the candidates can do great things with your money, keep them in the Senate.

I know it is disgusting, but to prove my point, I will admit that I carry a Constitution with me in my purse. Seriously, next time you see me ask for it. As part of my job, I know that Article 1, Section 8, Clause 1 states that only Congress has the power to “levy taxes”. Article 1, Section 7 says that this power must go through the HofR and Senate before it hits the President. There are a few exceptions on import taxes because of the President’s power of Executive Agreement, but otherwise, it is all Congress.

There.  Done. I promise that this will be one of the last politically centered posts. To be perfectly honest, I am pretty sick of what is going on in the media leading up to the election. Not to mention, there is other stuff going on in the world.


Jen said...

"one of the last" - you crack me up. I like reading your political focused posts...but I too am tiring of this election and all the crap media coverage - makes me want to stop watching tv.

and yes, I am trying to teach my child to love all kinds of people...jk - it was a kit :)

Just say Julie said...

I too have a pocket constitution. And you better believe my kids know who has what power by the end of 8th grade. Amen!

Columbia Lily said...

aw....very concise and educational. And some of the same points we have been talking about in class recently, every time it comes up. yea for you!!