Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Don't you worry

Of course I watched the debate. I do have some commentary for this one. Bear with it. I wrote it stream of consciousness so it covers a little bit of everything. Basically, all of the freely typed statements were cut and pasted together to make this post. Again, do not fret. There is more to be posted tomorrow. Plus an update on the car accident issues and my sweet new rental car pics.

Mr. McCain…Dallas has a lot, A LOT, of Republican voters. They also have a lot of swing voters this year. Your two snide little comments about the city are probably not winning over anyone. I totally agree that we need to start drilling off shore now. You looked like a fool when you said “zero!” about the health care fine. Obama was not aligned with the “extreme” aspects of abortion, he was voting for government to stay out of my womb when a doctor advises something in the name of my health. You are a much better offensive lineman than d-back. Where were you a month ago? This is the McCain I liked in 2000 and in 2002 when you wrote the McCain-Feingold bill.

Barack…way to clear the air once and for all about Ayers and Acorn! Finally! 
Health care -- what will encourage companies to continue to cover their employees? Why would I take it from my company if the government coverage is better? Can I really get the same plan you have?! That is freaking awesome! But let’s be real, never going to happen. Ledbetter was ruled correctly because of the statute of limitations. You are wrong to think it was decided incorrectly and should be overturned. You should know that.  You were law school buddies with a guy I work with now.  You are exactly what government needs as a fundraiser. People would actually buy the idea that paying taxes is patriotic with you as the president. Not to mention you are probably one of the most eloquent politicians I have ever seen in action. And yes, you get two words instead of one for “in action”. Truly, you are a brilliant speaker.

Did McCain snort at the end of the debate?! Now that is funny!

Evidently, Joe has a six-pack and is a plumber. Joe sounds a lot hotter than my plumber. I know, I know, six-pack of beer, but just let me think he has rock hard abs. Thanks.

I am really waiting for this Joe guy to be contacted by the media. You know he is going to milk his 15 minutes like no plumber before him. Who can blame him really?

Mark your calendars. November 4th. Go vote!


Just say Julie said...

Love it! Can we get a live feed from the polls on election day? Or may just updates during the election returns?

Colleen said...

Oh, how I wish I could do it live. Eb and I did a check-in every 30 minutes last election. It just sucked because he was in Cali...little bit of a time difference.