Friday, October 10, 2008

How I spent my fall vacation

I had a GREAT appointment at the doctor for the whole skin cancer thing. WooHoo!! She said everything looked great and I do not have to go back for another year. I am elated!

Then I met mom and Eb at Bro’s new restaurant. It opened today and we wanted to be some of his first customers. It was delicious. For those of you that remember Mama’s Pizza growing up, he has the little Italian sausage just like they used to have and it is my favorite. I am really proud of him for finally doing this after 7 years of wanting to stop working for “the man”. Love you Bro!" 

Then I headed home for some work, a nap, and a nice long walk with Coop in this wonderful weather. BUT NO!! I end up in a 5 car accident.

Long story short, PT Cruiser (who still drives those?) hits Taurus, hits me, hits Mustang, hits Camry. Dude in the Taurus is leaning out of his car with blood streaming from a gash in his forehead. Really nasty. Paramedics come, firetrucks, cops, the whole nine. The woman that caused it all, the PT Pooper, is claiming we were all just “going along” and does not know how this happened. Hey, I know…you were not paying attention to the four people STOPPED in front of you. Pooper also claims the guy hit his head because he was not wearing his seatbelt. Maybe that is how you hit him. You were trying to see if he was buckled up WHILE BEHIND HIM! Seriously, it was everything in me.

Oh, then, THEN the cop pulls four of us aside and tells us, “well, you all know she does not have insurance, right”. WHAT?! Of course she does not have insurance. That would be too logical. Grrrrr!

There, I am done. Basically, it just stinks that this had to happen. I am glad that the guy will be fine and that he was well enough to stay at the scene and help us sort it all out. I am glad that the only injury seems to be minor and that three of the cars were drivable. It just stinks that we all have to deal with it now.

Hopefully Friday will be less eventful. Here are some pics. Happy Columbus Day!

Back of the dude's car.  

Front of dude's car.  All of the fluids poured out of his car so that explains the pile of kitty litter in front of the car and into the other lanes.

Back of my car.  Little girl took a licking, but it does not look bad in this picture.  It also looks really clean for some reason.

Front of my car after it was separated from the mustang.


Just say Julie said...

wow. you go big or go home. So glad no one was seriously hurt in that pile-up. the mini looks like she handled it fairly well, hope you did too.

surliness=godliness said...

that was some damn good pizza, will be making regular stops in there.

Just say Julie said...

It was a day of total comment love. Like I really needed more of an excuse to stay up late checking blogs. You should add the SITS blog to your daily checks, there is some very good stuff there. But now my eyes hurt from trying to visit all the people that visited me.