Thursday, January 15, 2009

A little ingenuity

Hey, guess what? Our economy is pretty crappy right now.

As I have mentioned before, I really enjoy my job but given the current economic issues, we have been warned, “there will be adjustments and cutbacks”. I have not been with the company long enough to really know what that means, so I have decided not to worry about it.

However, in my initial “oh holy crap” moments following that announcement, I haphazardly tossed the idea out to my immediate boss that we should start to look at a project dealing with foreign political issues and concerns. He simply answered, “great. Write up a proposal and give it to me before we return from the holidays.”

My holidays were…well…let us just say the proposal from New Year’s Day was not stellar! So, I turn in a new one last Wednesday, get an email from a higher boss that they want to meet with me immediately, and set a lunch meeting with three of my bosses for that Friday.

Long story short, they love it! They ask me to write a simple description to publish, present to a large group whom I will work with, and present to financial backers. The program depends on numbers, and will not start until August or September, but the possibilities are super exciting! Not to mention they told me to look into some training this summer. So, it looks like my travel resolution will be solved with a trip to upstate New York in June. What is up there anyway? Vermont? Canada?

One of my greatest passions in life is government/politics (I can hear your sound of disgust people), and to work with this on an international level, combined with foreign policy, as part of my job is just more than words. On that note, just a reminder that Obama-rama is on Tuesday!! Get your party hats!

Only because I could not find one of my million pictures of the U.S. capitol, you have to settle for the


AmberP said...

That is SO awesome that they loved your propsal! GO YOU!!!! How exciting.
And you're right... even as a Canadian we are all pretty excited about this coming Tuesday1

Just say Julie said...

Way to go at the power lunch! And how can it not be a party when Spidey is getting into the action?

The Blonde Duck said...

How wonderful! Good for you.

There's cutbacks's sad.

blognut said...

Popped in from SITS - great blog. Have a great weekend.

Columbia Lily said...

um....I need details. Call me.

Tooj said...

Hi! I'm stopping from SITS and wanted to tell you congrats on the positive proposal feedback. (I tried to think of a P word to give me a great alliteration, but the only word popping out was propaganda). :) My party hat is waiting in the closet for Tuesday - can't have it getting stepped on by the children.

surliness=godliness said...

What's in upstate NY? Landon and Lily. I think they could go for a visit from "Aunt Coz."

Call Me Cate said...

Congrats on the positive reception. Isn't it awesome when our ideas are validated? Especially by bosses during a time of cutbacks and job worry.

Just stopping by from SITS to say hello!