Thursday, January 1, 2009

The list is lengthy

This is the 100th post of 2008, but technically, since it is 3 A.M. I guess this is a great way to start 2009!

I had never made New Year’s resolutions until last year. This time in 2007 they all centered around work. Seriously, ALL of them but one were career oriented. That one was to run a marathon. FUNNY! Other than that marathon thing, I succeeded in all of my professional goals last year. Now, I am sold on the NY resolution thing.

Yes, there are a million. I know. Yes, some of them contradict each other (hang with family more and avoid things that are stressful). I know. Honestly, if I just attempt like half of these, I will be happy. A resolution is normally very general. I know. But I do not do well with vague. I have to spell it out in order to get it done. Hence, there are 35 of them.

I was not going to post all of them, but when CL posted her few and seemed to feel a little bad about it, I thought I would help her feel better about my substantial list.


1) Go somewhere cool
2) Go somewhere I have never been
3) Visit out of town family

Family and Friends
4) Have the family over more often
5) Set up a standing appt with dad
6) Let go of people that do not support/care about me and my triumphs or failures
7) Concentrate on friends that are good

8) Avoid things I know are stressful
9) Take a cooking class
10) Cook at home
11) Eat less fast food
12) Cut down to 1 cola a day (or 2)
13) Eat some fruit
14) Sign up and actually take a dance/yoga class
15) Seriously attempt the running thing
16) Maintain a healthy sleep pattern

17) Get debt paid off again
18) Stick to a budget
19) Pay cash for gas
20) Stop saving for someone else’s college
21) Get a part time job

22) Manage work time better
23) Evaluate, rework, and plan new stuff for work
24) Arrive at least 30 minutes early

25) Clean on schedule
26) Recover the blue chair
27) Finish the guest room
28) Finish the kitchen
29) Rework the patio

30) Find a good Church home, go more often, and stop making excuses on Sunday morning
31) Train Cooper (HA!)
32) Reclaim a passion besides work
33) Read for fun more often
34) Look into/apply to grad school
35) Attend more concerts and Ranger games! (may not be “necessary”, but should be done)


The Blonde Duck said...

Happy New Year! Good luck on all your goals!

Ritch in Love said...

Oh! I like some of your ideas for resolutions!
"Pay Cash for Gas."
"Let go of people that do not support/care about me and my triumphs or failures."
"Maintain a healthy sleep pattern."

These three I could manage!

Alexis said...

Christmas packed away, yup that was on the list today. Nope didn't get to it ... LOL

Hi from SITS :).

B said...

Great list. And good luck!

Grand Pooba said...

Wow, you've got yourself quite the list!

I have to object to the arrive 30 minutes early to work idea. Are you crazy? You must work in heaven or something to want to do that!

The Muse said...

kudos for you as your list appears to be heart felt and soul led :)

Elizabeth M Thompson said...

Lofty goals you have! I've only made two: lose 20 pounds and redo my office. That doesn't mean every other area in my life is already perfect, but need to focus on one thing at a time (two, for now). Happy New Year!

Kimmy said...

What a great list! You actually sparked some modivation in me! Good luck on your resolutions!!

Stopping by from SITS!

Christina said...

Visiting from Sits I was 2 below you this morning! What great goals to have this year.
Hope you had a great New Years eve!

B said...

Hey Colleen! You popped by my blog and asked about the fabric I used on some of my sewing projects. I'm shamed to say I have no idea! Recently I've been just using up what leftovers I have sitting around so I can buy more. I'll try to make note of what I use in the future though, thanks for that heads up! And thanks for coming by my little blog.

Carla said...

What great goals!! Happy New Year SITSta!

The Blonde Duck said...

How are the resolutions going?

Lisa said...

Great list girl! Maybe I should do this... is it too late since its already the 8th?