Monday, January 26, 2009

Screw* you Mini Cooper

*I refuse to use foul language on my blog, so substitute the four-letter word of your choice in that title.

Now, I am writing this fresh from the Mini place, which I know is not the best idea in the blogosphere, but I am mad DANG IT!

For a little back-story on my car, go here and here. For some back-back-story, I special ordered my car 5 years ago next week. I picked out everything on it. It is my baby. If I had to pick one material thing I could not live without, it would be my car. I know that makes me sound self centered and materialistic, but it was the first big purchase I ever made after I got my first real job in the real world. I was so proud of myself.  Sue me!

Anyway, my power steering went out last week. I took the car to the people that fixed the window and they said it would be $830! CRAP! I call the Mini dealership and tell them that I need to come in to get the pump replaced.  They say $200-300 and they could fix it while I wait on Monday. AWESOME! I leave early from work to get it fixed.

Here is a little back-story on this dealership service place. They messed me around twice within two years of having the car for basic oil change issues. I hated dealing with them so much that I would often drive an hour or more to another Mini place just to avoid the ass hats at this place. Oops, let one slip.

So I show up and here is my conversation with Taylor. Yep, that is his real name and I do not care. I dislike him. I dislike him A LOT!

T: Hey, you here for the fan?
Me: No, the pump.
T: (looking confused) The pump? I thought it was the fan.
Me: Well that would explain the look on your face and the really low estimate I got from you.
T: Uhhhhh, yep.
Me: Well, can you do it while I wait like you said?
T: Nope. But we can give you a loaner.
Me: Well, can you do it for the estimate you gave me?
T: Let me check with the service guys.

He makes a few phone calls and writes on a piece of paper the numbers $150 and something around $873.42. Are you kidding me?!

T: So, the 150 is for labor and then this is the part. (points to the high number)
Me: (furious at this point) Well, what would it cost if it were the fan?
T: Oh, the fan has nothing to do with it. That would make your car overheat and then cut off your power steering.

For those of you that know me, I am sure you can just picture the look of horror/I-may-poke-my-eye-out that I am sure was plastered very visibly on my face.

Me: So why did you think it was the fan and tell me $200-300?
T: I just misunderstood you.
Me: Misunderstood me or did not listen to me?
T: Sorry for the confusion.
Me: So am I.  So. Am. I.

I then went to the sales people to get a trade in estimate because quite frankly, I just want to get rid of the damn car. (Another one slipped.) This was truly my baby. I thought I would have a Mini in my garage until I die. Now, I would rather take the bus.

So, for my birthday (which is Friday) I will be staying home because I cannot afford the concert I want to go to and dinner and drinks are expensive. I will not be going out of town as I had hoped over my 4-day weekend for Valentine’s Day. I may even have to cancel my trip to NYC for St. Patty’s Day. Just because of this damn car and a shitty estimate gone wrong.  (Sorry for a few more.)  SCREW YOU, MINI!!


AmberP said...

Ohhhhhhh I would be ENRAGED!
Is there someone you can complain to?
That is such crap!
I am sorry that you won't be able to go out for your birthday and that Taylor was a bit you know what!

Lisa said...

Ouch! Car stuff sucks! Buy a Honda next... my old Accord that I had for 5 years (before needing to upgrade to a SUV for kid crap!) NEVER had anything wrong...I only did oil changes and got new tires once in those years!!

surliness=godliness said...


Monica said...

I had a possessed minivan once. Yep, possessed. The dealer didn't think it was a big deal until I asked if he wanted to drive it with HIS kids in the back seat. Hmmm. Happy Early Birthday. You could always go to Flower Mound with me and the team. No drinks or concert but some rounds can be quite entertaining...zzzzzzz.

Tooj said...

Cars suck. Plain and simple. (except you, my baby Honda...please be kind to me!) Get a Honda. I love her.

Colleen said...

Amber -- Enraged is a nice way to put it, and I have no idea who to complain to or where.

Lisa & Tooj -- My family has also loved their two hondas, but I am trying to avoid a "mom car" as long as possible.

Monica -- Thanks for the offer, but ... hmmm ... maybe next time. Boy am I glad Mini is not possessed!

Surly -- Just not appropriate, but made me laugh.

Columbia Lily said...

oh this is just crappy all around! I am so sorry! I wish I was in Texas to take you out for your birthday! But I do have a birthday present for you (THAT I TOTALLY FORGOT TO SEND UNTIL THIS MINUTE!!! CRAP!!!) that I will drop in the mail tomorrow. You want to borrow my car? It has two giant cracks extending horizontally across the windshield and has a bag of trash in the backseat I keep forgetting to take to the trash can.

Columbia Lily said...

oh....and did Taylor graduate from BHS??? Sounds like he was one of my former miscreants.