Saturday, December 27, 2008

Who is Murphy?

Updated at the bottom

I got a bone to pick with him and his law!

So last night (read early this morning) as the evil West Texas wind began to blow a monsoon into the city, Ashley and I left Club Overrated. We did our best to walk to the cars against the wind. Easier said than done considering I am the short one of the group standing at 5’11” and we had consumed more wine than ever necessary and Ash’s favorite champagne. I have no idea what she was celebrating. Life, maybe? Thankfully we are all skinny and pretty aerodynamic. We make it to the car and she is fumbling for her keys because mama brought her big purse. I roll down the window to ask if she is good to go, and POP! My window is stuck. Down. CRAP! All I am really worried about is getting home before the rain. I do. It is all good. I wait this morning for the rain to pass and take my car to the shop to get an estimate.

$750!! POOP!

You may remember that I paid off my car in October, got in an accident a week later, paid $500 deductible, blew a tire Sunday night coming home from Christmas at Dad’s, bought two new tires on Monday, and now this. So, by my calculations, since I paid off my car, I have made the equivalent of 3.4 car payments in repair bills.

Seriously, where is this Murphy guy!

Update: I have learned a couple of things tonight. One, it is freaking COLD to drive with your window down! Now, it is not a tundra down here in the south, and as mentioned, I was never great at physics, but driving 80 MPH in wind gusts up to 43 MPH creates a wind chill of like -40 degrees. GOOD GOD!

Two, it is not a good idea to go to a concert and park in a shady place with Lock, Take, Hide signs with your window rolled down. Nothing was taken, but how bad is it that I did not even think about it until I came out of the concert? Oops!


Jen said...

oh man - that sucks...i wonder if the accident had anything to do with the sticky window?? not that you'd be able to prove it now --- here's to 2009 and no car issues!

Columbia Lily said...

THAT'S SUCKY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
sorry. =( Boo!! someone ripped off the Scion symbol off the front of my car over Thanksgiving.

angi_b72 said...

that is how it always happens!!

The Blonde Duck said...

What a shame! Be careful about looking for Murphy. He might come find you!

Grand Pooba said...

Oh, I bet that is in your not so fun category!

I hate spending money on crap like that. Crap that's necessary for your safety, but does not add any fun to your life!

I just spent $700 for new tires so I could drive better in the snow. Where's the fun in that?

Just say Julie said...

Wow, the mini is really making you work for your money isn't it? Sounds like all you needed to make your night complete was a visit to U-haul :)