Sunday, December 21, 2008

End of year... personally

Pretty basic. Pretty simple.
Took a job doing something I NEVER imagined I would do in life.

Paid off my car, paid off the kitchen remodel (in less than a year!), and managed to save a little money.

Took a summer off for the first time in 10 years (odd since I was a teacher) and traveled a bit.

Reconnected with old friends and got to know my family better.

Witnessed loved ones accomplish some big life goals (Bro) and others put themselves on good paths in life (Eb).

I was blessed with a few amazing friends that have taught me that there is good in people and encourage me to focus on the positive (Robyn, Julie, & CL). I used to only do this with one person in my life (you know who you are).

One of the best parts of the year was witnessing and taking part in history with the election season. It did not hit me what a big deal it was until that day, but I am so glad I am here to witness it all.

In the end, 2008 was a success! It can all be summed up with one lyric…I won some and learned some.

And because I forgot to add it to the post yesterday...

Happy Birthday Scott!
Thanks for being around. I know that it is sporadic and honestly, I completely understand. You are a great friend and I really enjoy our dinners out and the times we hang out and watch terrible TV. ;) Here’s to you. Have a great time in the new decade, you old man!


Tooj said...

Whatever your job is...teaching??....can I have it? LOL I want a normal job that I could do anywhere..well, actually...I want to teach. I started a masters program in Education, but it's on hold. Sorry...tangent, I was just so excited to click on a SITS member and find out you're a teacher! LOL I'm visiting from there...and it sounds like your year-end recap wrapped nicely. Have a great holiday week.

Lisa said...

Another year gone... looks like you had a good one! Next year we really do need to get together. I would to introduce you to my girls and catch up with you. miss you girl!

Just say Julie said...

Nice reflection C. I'm so glad you hunted me down this year. Happy to hear that everything job wise is 110% better then where you were last year. Love ya!

Columbia Lily said...

Aw thanks!! You definitely seem so much happier than healthier than I've ever seen you and I am so happy for you. Happy end of the year!

PS - more snow predicted for tomorrow and Christmas, so now the parents are coming here. Here's to a white Christmas!

K said...

Sounds like a good year all in all.

Happy Holidays and I hope next year is even better.

Yaya said...

Sounds like a great year!