Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just random and fun

After a crazy week, I am really not in the mood to post anything thoughtful or witty or entertaining. Sorry! So, in my lack of motivation, this is what you get. Again, I am sorry that I am suddenly this crappy, slacker blog poster girl.

You Are a Yellow Crayon

Your world is colored with happy, warm, fun colors.

You have a thoughtful and wise way about you. Some people might even consider you a genius.

Charming and eloquent, you are able to get people to do things your way.

While you seem spontaneous and free wheeling, you are calculating to the extreme.

Your color wheel opposite is purple. You both are charismatic leaders, but purple people act like you have no depth.

"Genius" HA! That one actually made me laugh out loud. While I think/hope that most of this is true, I found it interesting when I went back and changed one of my answers. There was one that I was teetering between two choices and when I switched them, it said that I was purple. Which is the exact opposite! I guess that since I laughed at "genius", I think I have "no depth". Oh well.


The Blonde Duck said...

I'm yellow too. I wanted to be pink! Pooh!

The Muse said...

hey slacker! LOL LOL ok I guess now I HAVE to go see my color...

wait what? you changed your answer? LOL
that's too funny! LOL