Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bound to happen

While hanging out with the extended family this week, they found out that I had a blog.  It has been mentioned several times before but, as is typical in our house, it fell on deaf ears.  No one ever did the "WHAT?" head pop of shock, asked what the address was, or read it.  EVER!  Well, let me just tell you that it flew over like a lead zeppelin this week.  

I never really cared because the only people that really "followed" it were my friends that were scattered around the country/world, or former students that have freakish google searching powers.  Now I am beginning to realize that I have people that read it and are just RUDE and never leave comments!  ;) That includes you, my friend!

All of that being said, there will be some changes to the little site in the coming new year.


angi_b72 said...

Can't wait to see your rude not to leave comments!! lol

Just say Julie said...

Hey that sounds like the conversation at our family Christmas gathering too. Ummm, your somthin somethin came back to me because I neglected to put postage on 8 of my christmas cards. Nice huh?

Tiffany said...

I love leaving you comments :o) I'm impressed with your New Year's resolutions. Mine has something to do with getting the remaining baby fat off :o(

The Muse said...

I have a lot of readers that NEVER ever leave comments...I think they feel uncomfortable...but I am happy they are there, I just they dont write anything rude LOL :)