Sunday, December 14, 2008

Purses, Pizza, and Auctions...Oh My!

Friday night Julie, the Mr., and the Young ‘un came up to visit. We wii-ed. We shopped. We ate. It was great!

The young ‘un and I played Wii Friday night while the Mr. organized his sinister plan for Saturday, and Julie laughed at the ridiculousness around her. I cannot really blame her.

The Mr. headed out early Saturday morning for an auction and the rest of us took our time getting ready. We went to the Land of Handbags & Cheap Jewelry and bought both. We went to Bro’s restaurant and put the Young ‘un to work with the dishes in the kitchen. Not kidding. Bro is so good with kids, he can convince them to bus their own table. Then we went to the town square and craft stores.

Just when we thought the day was done...

We get the call to head to the auction. And pick up a U-haul on the way. WHAT?! Evidently it went well. I will admit that I was a little jealous of the loot the Mr. came away with that day. Not that I was in the market for any of his purchases, but MAN! This guy got a bargain. B-A-R GAIN!

After a U-haul debacle, the trailer was picked up today amidst a marathon, and everyone and everything got home in one piece.

It had been a long day and there were no U-hauls to be found!It was so great to see yall and we need to do it again! Blogher '09?


Connie Weiss said...

Love the picture!!! HA!

Anonymous said...

"We wii-ed"