Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's with a side of Christmas

I have been lucky enough to always live pretty close to my family. Even when I was away at school I could afford to come home for a few days to celebrate with everyone. I have NO idea how people do this away from their crazy families!

It is a long story, but basically I came home with all of my Christmas presents still wrapped on the 25th. When I got home from Mom’s to unwrap my gifts alone, I burst into tears! I was super upset when I left her house, and all I really wanted was a hug, but when I got home the thought of it was just BAD!

I called Sis crying and told her how terribly lonely it was to sit all by myself and open presents with my dog. She said she had the same feeling and put all of her gifts in the closet. I am currently staring at mine, all wrapped, under the tree. So tonight, I think we are having Christmas part three.

We will probably open up a little of the gift that A got me, too. It is a HUGE basket of beverages. It has a little of everything! (Sorry, my camera is not working to show you. ☹)

Mumm Sparkling wine, Absolut Mandarin, a Riesling, a Spanish red, Cava, Pellegrino, Pomegranate Soda, Blood Orange Martini mix, and a good mix of beer from “around the world” (from Modelo to Carlsberg to Red Stripe, Harp and Corona just to name a few)

Here is wishing all of you a GREAT time tonight and a HAPPY 2009!!  Have fun and be safe!

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The Muse said...

sending Muse hugs... :) :)
I really really am....