Monday, December 8, 2008

Which way to confession

Lord forgive me. I have committed a sin for which I know better. Maybe not a sin according to the church, but it is one for this recovering Catholic.

I went to Target. Tired and hungry.

It could have been ugly. But my Target is GHETTO!! There was a list involved, but it did little good.

The first stop was to the seasonal section. WHAT WAS I THINKING?! I wasn’t. Thank God when I got to the grocery side of the store it was as if people were preparing for Y2K again. Seriously, look at this!
Is there a natural disaster I am unaware of here?

The only stuff on sale is still on the shelf!

Did I mention that I was in a time crunch? Basically, it turned into a game of Supermarket Sweep. The prize at the end? Well, this week’s dinner menus consist of Princess fruit snacks, spaghetti o’s with beef franks, goldfish, and generic hot chocolate. But man! My tablescape will look super cute with the new ornaments. It took 15 minutes to decide which ones to finally buy.

P.S. -- This was not the 100th post I was hoping for, so I am going to wait until the 100th post of 2008. I think I can make it before New Year's Eve...stay tuned!


The Muse said...

Are you kidding?? Golly! yes it does look like a MONUMENTAL event~ Good grief...LOL LOL,
Well at least they have the Necessities I see T.P. LOL LOL

This is hysterical!

And hey it's not the menu items that make or break the's the company:)And i dare say I would thoroughly enjoy myself ! :)

(ps great word for Tuesday :) )

Just say Julie said...

we love spaghetti-o's. Will eats them at least once a week. I love that everything is cleaned out and it's only Tuesday. You better take some holiday decor pictures and show those new ornaments off :)

The Muse said...

I am giving your blog an award because it has meant so much to me :)

If you choose not to display your award that is ok, however I did want you to know that reading your blog has given me joy!

Ann said...

That is crazy....I have never seen Target looking like that and we have a Ghetto Target in the area. Enjoy the few things you did get. :D

Stop by my blog and sign up for the give-a-way. The shelves are not empty there...

Leah said...

Everything is better with fish crackers!!

Peeking in from SITS