Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Only missing the cookies

Much debate went into whether or not the decorations would go up this year. It is so much work for a single gal. It is not like my little girl cares if the house is festive. She is a dog for cryin’ out loud! The conclusion was to put up enough to bring in a bit of Christmas cheer, but there is still a box that will not come out this year. My house will serve as a bed and breakfast for the week after Christmas and I want it to look at least a little seasonal. Oh man, which reminds me…some serious cleaning needs to be done before my mom’s side of the fam descend upon the great Lone Star State.

Anywho…here is the tree. Tall, skinny, and overly accessorized with 535 lights. This tree took 3 hours and a dozen 4 letter words to assemble and decorate.

The tablescape…this tree took 3 minutes to assemble and decorate. Hey, it was good enough for Charlie.

Entry table…I cleaned off the mail and three sets of keys for the photo shoot. You're welcome.

Stockings are hung…I am sure Santa will be able to find the armoire. Yes, my dog’s stocking is better than mine, I know. I made it as practice just in case I ever have children.

Top of the armoire…I got all three hurricanes for $6 at an estate sale. God, I love those sales!! That picture to the right is from Christmas last year. My aunt was hell bent and determined to come from MI and surprise my mom at church on Christmas Eve. I think deep down she knew it would be her last trip to see us. Love ya, miss ya Aunt Pat.

The presents are all wrapped and ready to go to their new owners. Except one. Dang it, Eb!

Coffee table…these were a gift from someone I work for this year. They are not really my style and I would have never picked them out, but they are gorgeous when lit and smell delicious.

Oh, and who can forget McSanta O’Claus? He comes bearing shamrocks, blarney, a pot o’ gold, Guinness, and Jameson. No, he is not a crackhead, but he does stay out until March 17th.
So there it is...the casa de cheer. Hope yall got all your decorations out and up despite the 70 degree weather.


angi_b72 said...

looks great!! Have a Merry Christmas!

Monica said...

I really need to blog my decorations to make you feel better. Stephen called it a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Well, we're not going to be there, so who cares?

Just say Julie said...

Hey... those look familiar! I even got around to decorating the tree last night. You know, cause Bob is going to Waco this weekend for part 2 of the auction. UGH!

Oh, and I gave you an award at my blog. Caus you're cool like that :)

Columbia Lily said...

I like them a lot. And I am SUPER impressed with the Cooper did you make that? Julie and I will convert you yet...

Tiffany said...

Very nice. If it makes you feel any better, Reagan doesn't even have a stocking! (Long story)

Random Hiccups said...

Cute decorations! I have the same problem living in South Africa. It is ALWAYS hot over Christmas. I suppose that it why we are by-passing the traditional meal and opting for a braai(BBQ) and a swim for Christmas day!