Sunday, January 25, 2009

The little O's

Well, Election Day came and went. Then, 5 days ago, Inauguration Day came and went all without a hitch. I have to admit, I was terribly upset that I opted to work instead of go to the event, but I would have been there more for my state’s inaugural ball than to see the actual swearing in. I was content to be warm and toasty and watching on television.

I was so proud that day for so many reasons. Obviously, the fact that America elected our first African American president is exciting, but it was truly moving to see so many people from so many vastly different places, races, and view points come together in such a peaceful manner. It was impressive.

Aside from this momentous occasion and all of the “change” Obama will bring to D.C., I am also excited about his two little ones moving into 1600.

It has been so long since the House has had young kids running around. Just imagine the positive energy those two gorgeous girls will bring to that place. The fun they will have trying out new birthday presents in the backyard, the swim parties with friends in the pool, chasing after their new puppy up and down the halls, and visiting dad in his office after school. The fact that they have appeared to be, and intend to stay, as “normal” as possible gives me pause to recognize how all-American this family really is at its core. They seem so Norman Rockwell it is scary and hopeful all at the same time. Regardless of what happens over the next 4-8 years, with these children around, they will live up to the slogans of “change” and “hope” after all. I cannot wait to witness it all!

Here is a pic for Eb and a pretty good suggestion for first dog, too!


Tooj said...

I agree - it'll be fun to watch them grow up. I just hope that Washington doesn't do to them what....ugh. Washington. LOL I'll leave it at that. Their normalcy now is very refreshing.

Monica said...

I, too, have been glued to the news for all the election/inauguration news. I'm so glad I teach what I do because then I have an excuse to show the speeches and debates to my classes which means I get to see them over and over and over. Yea! ;)