Saturday, April 5, 2008

Beginning to see the light...

So the week started off alright, and actually ended on a positive note! We left off on Tuesday. See below. Later in the week I had plans to go to my kids show. This has been one of the highlights of my year since I was in middle school, so I was looking forward to it. I had somewhat conned a friend into going with me (more on that later) and we had planned on Thursday. This was perfect because I had to be out all day at STUPID meetings and did not have a chance to see my kids. I would pick up my dose of them at the show. I headed off to “get my hair did” and got a phone call from my friend saying he was “really tired” and didn’t want to go. WHAT?! Tired is not a good excuse for standing up my kids! But, I was gracious about the excuse because Lord knows I could sympathize. He even wanted to go to the show on Friday night. I tried to give him an out, (I would not have cared one bit to go alone) but he was adamant about going on Friday.
Anyway, I got my hair cut, went to my weekly dinner spot, and headed home for a nice relaxing evening in my own skin. It was wonderful!
First, how can a Friday really be bad? However, mine turned out better than expected. I opened my email to see that I have a second interview for a new job which I am totally nervous about!! I will write more on that when I have more information. My kids all asked how I liked the show, I told them the story, and they just laughed. They know how my friends are.
I had a really good conversation with a coworker and stayed at work about 2 hours longer than I intended to on a Friday. But the chat helped to solidify that what I am doing with my life is just right for me. It is also nice to see that he shares my feelings on a lot of stuff.
On the way home, the day got better! My phone rang with a random number and I let it go to voicemail. Bad idea. It was ANOTHER JOB OFFER!! I need to call them back and get more details, but again, it confirmed that the decisions I have made are right.
The day was capped off with the show. Yes, my friend did go. More on that later...

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Christy said...

Congrats on the job stuff, email or call me with details!!