Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Reason 572 & 573 to stop

I have this “favorite” aunt and uncle that I just adore. I, like most people, have a CRAZY family. Despite all of the weirdos, I have this one aunt and uncle that are just the greatest. I love when they visit and just hang out with us down here in the south. They are really straight forward, kind, salt-of-the-Earth type people. Both of them would literally take the shirt off their back in a blizzard if you looked cold enough. Like most in their generation, they grew up drinking hard liquor and smoking like chimneys. We thought that my aunt would stop all of that when she was diagnosed with breast cancer 7 years ago, but no. NOPE! She went through chemo, a mastectomy, a complete rebuild of her ankles, and back to her smoking and drinking.
Well, it has caught up to her. She went into the hospital about a week ago with a rapid heart beat and shortness of breath. Two days later she had a pace maker put in and seemed to be doing fine. Then she took a turn. Last I heard was Saturday and she was still in the hospital. They say it is her “lifestyle”. I guess that is what years of tar and booze will do to you, but it is like the old question…why do such good people have such crap handed to them sometimes? I really think it just sucks. (I know that is not the "actual" question, but you get the point.) The silver lining is that she is just crazy enough to see it all as an adventure. She just goes with the flow (for the most part). Not to say that she doesn’t get scared and panicked, but she still laughs and plays dice and sends me strange emails.
Hopefully she will be home soon. She has a grandbaby to spoil.

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