Sunday, April 6, 2008

He says I should go into politics

The show on Friday was great, but even better was that my friend actually went. (I will call him Bob since I don’t know if he is cool with me using his name on here.) As I mentioned before, I somewhat conned him into going, but not really.
Allow me to first explain that I would have NEVER, EVER asked Bob to go with me to this show. He is a self proclaimed music snob and has never seen me perform in the 14 years I have known him. I knew there was no way he would go and see people he didn’t even know. I never intended him to go. I was perfectly content going alone or with my mom (my usual date to these events).
A little back story…you see Bob and one of my kids bonded one day when Bob visited me at work. He claims he and Kid A have a lot in common. I don’t really see it; maybe because I know too much about Bob, but I digress. Kid A asked one day if Bob was coming to the show. I told him I didn’t know, but I would ask him. Here is how that conversation went…

Me: Kid A wants you to come to the show.
Bob: Is he in it?
Me: Yep
Bob: What is he doing?
Me: Um…playing. Duh!
Bob: Hell yeah, I’ll go. When is it?
Me: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of next week.
Bob: Let’s go Thursday
Me: Okay. I’ll tell him. He will be excited.

That is where the conversation ended. Bob did not ask anymore questions. If he had, he would have figured out that it was actually a dance show and Kid A was only on stage for like 4 minutes…maybe. I was feeling a little guilty about it, but the politician in me did not feel that bad.
Keep in mind that all of my kids know this story before we even go to the show, so as we are walking into the auditorium they are just giggling as we pass. I don’t think Bob even picked up on it.
So we go in, grab some programs, and find a seat with some of my favorite coworkers. I let him sit there for 5 minutes or so perusing through the program before I ask, “so, do you know where you are yet?” His response is, “yeah, I think I just figured it out. You owe me”. I giggle, tell him I love him, and thank him for coming. I will spare you the dance by dance play by play and just tell you that he actually enjoyed most of it!! He did cringe when my favorite group started. It is the country western dance team. He loathes country. But when it was done, he clapped and told me he would give that one to me. I think his exact words were, “that was really good. Terrifying, but good.” He even laughed at comedy troupe. Not to mention, patiently sat behind three giggly girls that have “brilliant” plans for he and me.
Anyway, I was proud of Bob for going, relaxing, and enjoying it, but more so, I was incredibly proud of my kids. It is so nice to see them participating in things they really love. Like I always say, I am a proud parent with no children. Congrats yall!! It was wonderful!!

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