Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thankfully, an end is in sight

So, last week, as I have stated, was CRAZY!! I was not at work an hour on Monday before my week turned to crap. I would rather not write about it because it still infuriates me to the point of wanting to throw my computer out the window. AHHHH…just thinking about it…I gotta change topics.

I had two early morning interviews this week at a place that is pretty much exactly like where I work now, but better. It is highly acclaimed and respected in the “industry” and to be honest, I think I would be quite happy there if I am offered the gig. If I have learned anything from these past 5 years where I am, it is that I just have to keep my priorities straight. Sometimes that is easier said than done in my profession. In conclusion on these two…felt great about the first meeting, but just okay about the second. It is abundantly clear that there is little or no communication between the first group of interviewers and the second. BAD, BAD SIGN!

I also had an interview at an extremely elite “company”. It is such a different environment than I am used to working in currently. Now, don’t get me wrong. I do love change and this is one I could get used to in a minute! While there was very little that I did not like about this job, it is really the exact opposite of what I have always seen myself doing in life. Never once would I think that I would end up in these surroundings. But seriously, I did love it!! In conclusion on this one…did not feel great, but did not feel bad about it. They really did not give me much to bite on other than the fact that they asked for references and have actually talked to all of them. We shall see. They said it may be 2 weeks before I hear anything.

I did take a day off of work this week to take care of those interviews, but I went up there for afternoon meetings anyway. It amazes me how much hatred I can have for a place and people I know I will not have to see after 2 months. Normally I do not waste energy on crap like that, but this situation just really irks me. How can a boss honestly call a meeting (that I show up for despite a day off) and then show up for literally (I timed him) 3 minutes!! Not to mention, he showed up a HALF HOUR LATE!! AHHHH! I shake my fist at this stupid system.

Aside from all of the previously mentioned junk at work, I still showed up to work on Saturday. I challenge anyone to say that I am not dedicated to this job or the people it serves. Sadly, three out of my five immediate bosses have said exactly that to me.

The date will have to wait for another post. I have to get back to work. Yes, the person they say has “shut down” and has “low standards” needs to go back to working on a Sunday night. Really, I should find some dedication somewhere.

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