Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Get excited

40 more days and counting!!  As mentioned before...I LOVE ELECTION SEASON!  In honor of the upcoming festivities, the blog template has changed.  I actually had a hard time finding a nonpartisan one.  I am not completely happy with this (the blues look purple, and it is more an ad for Converse--which I also love--than voting), but it will do until the next elections in the spring.  I am also working on new widgets for the parties, but for some "odd" (read: annoying) reason, the Republican one is HUGE.
1st debate is FRIDAY :)

2 more days and counting!!  Also mentioned before...I have a gross love affair with the Texas State Fair.  Here is a pic of my boyfriend for one month every year.  I spend way more time with him than anyone really should - without a pay check from the fair itself.  If you are ever in the market for a great day of people watching, the fair is your place.  Simply, greatness!
The 1st presidential debate is also Friday...did I already tell you?!
HC '08 is also this weekend, and I am pumped!
This weekend will be busy.  ACL, too.

5/6 months and counting!!  The Texas Rangers will try again for a spot in the playoffs starting with the home opener on April 6, 2009 and spring training in March.  Today was, sadly, the last home game.  At least we went out with a win.  Do not fret boys, there is always next season.


Just say Julie said...

I think we might be able to swing a trip to D town for the state fair. Do you want to show us around? :) I just survived the 7th circle of Dante's Inferno... Open House!

Jen said...

You crack me up! Hope you're doing well.