Wednesday, September 10, 2008

An open letter

Dear Ike~

Hi! Let me begin by telling you how much I respect all you did as an Army general and as the president. You helped organize the invasions of France and Germany during WWII and not only helped create, but led NATO. Thanks! It was with your aid that Korea remained right where it started, we still have social security, and nuclear power has and will continue to gain popularity. You helped put a man on the moon. (Even if that is often debated.) As president you supported Brown v. Board and your brilliant military mind created the interstate highway system. This has come in handy over the past decade as the world becomes more chaotic. Because of your invention, we can turn any highway into a landing strip for planes in a time of war. Let’s just hope we never need that little gift. Another reason your interstate highway system is so ingenious is because it aids in evacuations. This is particularly important for my next point.

As a hurricane, YOU SUCK!! After deciding to sit and spin on Cuba for A WHOLE DAY, you have turned your sights on Texas. I know you just want to come home, but please rethink your visit. We have really been looking forward to our camping trip next week. So much so that I have a new sleeping bag, new batteries in the flashlight, snacks ready to go, and the laundry is done. And here you come. Raining on my parade. JERK! Please, stay away from the campsite. Thank you.

Yours truly,

For reference, I am supposed to be where the black dot is by 4 PM Sunday.


Columbia Lily said...

aw! maybe it won't rain...

Just say Julie said...

looks like your letter worked. It stayed well east f the campsite. Now the drive down may get interesting!