Monday, September 22, 2008

We are Something Awesome!

As! Our group was marked by the hot pink (Screaming pink according to Katie) zebra bandanas. On the first day they tied on their do-rags and decided that they wanted to come up with a group name. One of them made the comment, "It has to be cool. It should be something awesome." I laughed and said, "That sounds good...something awesome." It stuck. As some of you know, I work with VIP and for security reasons, I can not put pics of them on here, but I can give you a glimpse into the week.

An hour into the bus ride and I am still staring at the moon.

The hill hike view. I climbed this hill 4 times a day, thus the wicked painful shin splints the first night, but I got over it by day 2.

Team building -- They had to put themselves in birth order without talking or stepping off the log.Leading them into a maze blindfolded. They were then turned lose to find their own way without sight. Pretty entertaining to watch. Not going to lie.

480 foot tandem zip line. Pretty stressful considering 4 were scared of heights. This was day two, so some of the fears were settled on the previous day's adventures.

"Climb on with your bad self." What the employee of the camp said, not me! One of mine was literally scared still. She clung to the pole for quite a while before climbing down. That left me to fill her spot. Thanks a lot. I just climbed as fast as my skinny little arms would let me.
The pole -- climb it, stand on top of it, jump and grab the trapeze 6 feet away. Oh. Okay. Right. All of these are me.
1. I need a cooler helmet.

2. I could have done this more gracefully.

3. Pretty sure I am about to throw up.

4. No, I did not catch it, but DANG IT!! I want to try again!

View 50 yards from the cabin. Gorgeous!

Rock climbing -- This is the same little one that was scared still earlier. What a difference a day makes. Thanks to a zoom lens, she is a mere 4 feet from the top! So proud of her!

Me rock climbing...can you see me?

Our campsite was just off the river.

Wienie roast. They thought that was pretty funny.

Making fire. They actually did it! Without matches.

Canoeing. I am pretty sure those signs say "keep out", ladies.

Yep, yep. They sure do.

I kicked my feet up on the ride home and watched the sunset.

Walking into my house. Sunburned and tired, but feeling accomplished and immensely proud of my group.

After throwing my entire suitcase into the washer, I am ready for a shower and sleepy time. The dryer had to wait until the morning. Julie...the following pics are for you. My super sweet $8 watch. Which started to peel apart by the way. Yes, I live on military time. A product of college.

My even sweeter fake crocs. Hell, another $8 and they were worth it.

This is the LONGEST. POST. EVER. Like I said, there were over 200 pictures and with the videos, it was close to 300. So, I hope my edit suits yall.

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looks like you had fun...