Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Things I Miss...

...while camping
1.  My family.  Updates on B, commiserating with Sis, movement on Bro's place
2.  My dog!
3.  Check in chats with Julie, C, Johnnie 5 (miss you), and Robyn
4.  Patio buddies Maureen, Wilson, and Jason (in a small dose)
5.  Politics
6.  The people I work for.
7.  The people I work with and our lunch conversation
8.  My family
9.  My routine.  Nightly rituals, morning order, etc.
10.  POLITICS!!  I can not tell you how much this drove me crazy to have no TV, radio, newspaper, etc. for a whole week.
11.  My dog
12.  Dance party
13.  Quiet
14.  Dr. Pepper and BW3s (with Johnnie 5)
15.  Family, dog, and politics.  But I guess I already mentioned those.

And of course, the basics.  My big girl bed, shower, hair dryer, razor, walking around barefoot, perfume instead of bug spray, my family, my dog, my daily Wall Street Journal, and the news.  So glad to be back!!

...about camping
1.  Being outside
2.  Hiking
3.  Living on the river
4.  Ice cream sandwiches
5.  The challenges
6.  Casual clothes
7.  The smell of campfires
8.  Ping pong, Pictionary, BS, Markers, and Mafia
9.  The sun...I feel guilty in it here.  I have a doc appt next month :(
10.  Being physically tired instead of mentally or emotionally

Given # 1, 2, 5, 10, and I guess 9, I have decided to recommit myself to my new year's resolution.  Is October too late to start?  As some of you may remember, my goal was to complete a marathon.  Pretty sure May was too late to start that goal, so I am going to complete 2 5k runs by Christmas.  Totally doable...right?!


Just say Julie said...

You can do the couch 2 5k thing with me. It's never to late to start training :) And any time you want to camp again, we are so up for it!

Devin & Amanda said...

So, my goal has been to complete a half marathon for like forever. I still have it on the goal list, but I think the only way I am ever going to do it is by registering for it in a really cool, fun place that I want to visit (like Tahiti or Itlay or somewhere equally as fun). I did a 10K July 4th and that kicked my butt (and I didn't even run the whole thing... I walked about 30% of it. Pathetic!). Let me know if you do one somewhere cool and exotic... I am so there.