Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mama deserves something pretty

This summer’s theme = “How to piss away money”.
Why stop only because it is post Labor Day?

Having never been a big shopper, all the talk about rising prices means little to me. The only way I really know that things are getting more expensive is the fact that my hotdogs are now 2 for $2.49 instead of 2 for $2.00. I know it is sad. No comments from the peanut gallery. Despite my usual lack of shopping, I have managed to master it this summer. So, to cap it off, I treated myself to a few little gifts. With caveats.

1.) I finally bit the bullet and bought the Mactop. It has only been out of the box for the photo shoot, so hold off on asking if I like it. Maybe tomorrow I will have an answer. People rave about Apple products, and so far I am no different. After all, it comes bearing gifts! With the purchase, I got a free wireless printer (first time I have had a printer since 1999). This is very important for work stuff. It also came with a free iTouch. Not the new one that came out today, but who cares…it was free! Oh, and it was all 15% off because of my job. So far I am a fan.
CAVEAT – I had to get a new laptop because the screen on mine came detached from the keyboard. Literally, it was held together by exposed wires. And a girl can not pass up a deal like the one above.

2.) I did a little shopping at Tiffany. As a huge fan of Elsa Peretti designs, I have been eyeing this necklace called the bean for 2 years. On the way home from work one day I decided to stop by and try it on; along with two rings that I have fallen in love with as well. Once it was on my neck it was sold. It is small and simple, but really, so am I.
CAVEAT – I had a gift card that expired at the end of September. It covered a good chunk of the purchase. I also got two other Peretti rings cleaned while I was shopping.

So, this is it. No more spending on myself until after Christmas. I have some credit cards to pay off! Oh wait, I need to buy some contacts tomorrow.
CAVEAT – I washed one out of my eye and down the drain this morning in the shower. I really need contacts before leaving town next week.


Just say Julie said...

Bob wants to know how much you paid. He's always looking for a bargain (and an excuse to buy more Apple stuff). Thanks for the heads up on the other blog. How freaking cool is that?

Just say Julie said...

Oh, and your necklace reminds me of the cloudgate in chicago. Or as Will likes to call it, the bean.