Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Simple, busy weekend

Admittedly, there was a little pit in my stomach as I drove home from work on Friday afternoon. For the first time since 3rd or 4th grade I did not have a high school football game to attend. It is so sad for me. This will be the biggest adjustment of the new job. I opted out of the happy hour (aka Algonquin Roundtable) with work simply because of a pure desire to take a long, rush-free walk with Coop. The weather was great, and frankly, she deserved it. After hanging out with myself, my dog, a cleaned house, and no work, I was ready. A few friends and I hit a local bar patio for some beer and great conversation.

Saturday came pretty quickly as I woke up before dawn to head north for Bea’s first ever soccer game. (More on that later) The whole fam was there minus dad and it was great to share in Saturday games as adults. That afternoon I was exposed to field hockey for the first time. While I have no idea what I am watching, it seems to be something I will warm up to over time. After the field hockey festival was a winning Aggie game. Barely, but I do not care. I will take it!

One of the best parts of the weekend was THE RANGER GAME!! I have never in all my life had a job where perks are given. I do not play golf with “clients”, have paid for happy hours, or eat catered lunches. I just simply do not have one of those jobs. It is cool. There are far better perks from my profession. However, one of the people I work for brought me 4 tickets to the Rangers/Bo Sox game. Behind homeplate. With parking. A-W-E!! So, that night I donned my Young jersey and took in a winning run complete with homers and fielding you would not believe. There ended up being six of us that went and two had never been to a Ranger game. I was thrilled to be part of their experience. Never mind the fact that 33,000 of the 36,000 people there were cheering for Boston. Obnoxious! After the game we met up with some folks for drinks and a little game of people watching. My town is better than the airport for this sport!
Sunday was the normal breakfast and Sunday paper followed by work and a little pool time. I also met a boy and went for drinks with him Sunday night. Again, more on that later. Just know that he is fun, nice, can talk about anything, and shares one of my biggest passions in life. I ended the weekend watching bad TV with Jonnie 5.

I have realized that over the past months, my life has really changed. Once I quit my horrible job, the attitude shifted, things started to fall into place, and life seems right. My friends have even noticed it. Who would have thought that a year ago I would be here? Thanks yall for standing by me, supporting my decisions, and encouraging me to keep going. Even from thousands of miles away, your friendship means the world.


Monica said...

I'm glad you're happy. Makes a HUGE difference. I would kill to just have the time to go to a Friday football game. But my job keeps me busy on Friday nights these days. Boo Hoo.

Columbia Lily said...

I'm gonna say it....told you so!!! =)

Just say Julie said...

So glad you found a job doing what you love and actually being able to love it. And so jealous of your sports filled weekend... though I was sick and wouldn't have enjoyed it as much. I do have to say that the thing I miss most about teaching middle school is the football fridays. but I always have Bob's high school to get me through.