Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Coffee talk with a 4 year old

So Bea and I were chatting over a Dr. Pepper and watered down lemonade when I decided to give her a “grown up” lesson. We do this quite often and cover topics from the amendments beyond the Bill of Rights, the importance of judicial review, and the ongoing debate of whether or not we landed on the moon. Sometimes we discuss the state of the Rangers, but on that topic she usually becomes frustrated and walks away. Preachin’ to the choir sista!

This week’s topic?  The election.  What else?  It went a little something like this…

Me : Hey Bea, do you know what happens on the 4th?

Bea : [Flashes a quick glance to Mommy and then looks at me a little annoyed]  No.

Me : Well, we get to vote.  It is a REALLY big deal.  It means we get a new president.  Do you know what a president is?

Bea : No, but I know what voting is.

Me : [A little shocked]  You do?  What is voting?

Bea : We pick a new guy.

Me : Well, yeah.  So whom are you going to pick?

Bea : [In a rather matter of fact way, and not flinching from her near complete crayon masterpiece]  McCain.

Me : Huh.  Why?

Bea : [again annoyed]  Because, Aunt Coz, he is the guy with the white hair.

Me : Well, yeah, but Mimi and Mommy and I all have brown hair.  So, why don’t you vote for the guy with brown hair?

Bea : [lets out a BIG sigh and attempts an eye roll]  Because I like WHITE HAIR and I am voting for McCain!

Alrighty then.  How can you really argue with the logic of a 4 year old?  I mean she actually seems to have thought it out more than some voters, so I will let her own it.

Do not fret Eb, you have 14 years of “grown up” lessons before she votes.


Monday, October 27, 2008


I don’t look gangsta?

I don’t look like a 70-year-old golf pro or a retired woman with 4 grown kids?

Really? So I don’t look like someone that would drive this?

That is right, my rent car is a sweet 300. No, I am not a booty girl in a new rap video. But I am looking for a good deal on some spinners. Are those even cool anymore?

Now, I do not think that there is something wrong with a 300. It has been a pretty decent car. (FOR TWO WEEKS NOW!!) But for the past few years I have been told that my car “fits” me. I guess I would agree with that observation. I mean my Mini is small and sassy. It is German so it has a bit of a temper, and a BMW so sometimes a part of it will just stop working for a week or so. But it is incredibly reliable. It responds when I need it to, and cleans up nicely. My Mini is me. I love my Mini! I miss my Mini.

The 300 is the last car that you would pick if I asked you to find a car for me. Hopefully the insurance people will give me good news tomorrow.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Lesson

1.) Palin’s wardrobe. Today the media has jumped on what it costs to outfit the VP candidate. The “ladies” of The View made mention that she was spending “tax payer” money. I guess that is true at the core, but in reality she is using donations from SUPPORTERS to do this, and those that donate know that their money could be spent in such a way. When donating to a campaign, a good bit of money is earmarked for certain expenses. This includes a category for appearance. That covers the CRAZY expensive suits the men wear, too. Shoot, once they are in office, congressmen, presidents, VPs, first ladies, etc. all get an allowance for these expenses. That money comes from all taxpayers, supporters and otherwise.

2.) McCain being a Maverick. I really think that this short article sums it up better than I ever dreamed. Plus, it comes from the mouth of a real Maverick. (Sorry Eb, it is not Dirk) Side note: There is a person at work who has the first name Maverick. I feel like they will be very happy when this is all over with on November 4.

3.) Could both candidates please stop talking about what they would do to save the economy? Almost all national tax bills begin in the House of Representatives. The man in the White House can do little more than make phone calls to convince people to write/vote for bills concerning the economy. If you believe that one of the candidates can do great things with your money, keep them in the Senate.

I know it is disgusting, but to prove my point, I will admit that I carry a Constitution with me in my purse. Seriously, next time you see me ask for it. As part of my job, I know that Article 1, Section 8, Clause 1 states that only Congress has the power to “levy taxes”. Article 1, Section 7 says that this power must go through the HofR and Senate before it hits the President. There are a few exceptions on import taxes because of the President’s power of Executive Agreement, but otherwise, it is all Congress.

There.  Done. I promise that this will be one of the last politically centered posts. To be perfectly honest, I am pretty sick of what is going on in the media leading up to the election. Not to mention, there is other stuff going on in the world.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Early Voting

It started today.  Go!!  If you live one of those lives, and who doesn't these days, vote early.  You never know what could happen on November 4th that will keep you from the polls.  Especially if you have little ones.  They could get sick, have a "better" opportunity at a play date, or let's be honest, just be too fussy to stand in a line that day.  If you need to know where to go, send me a comment.

Hell is getting chilly

So I got a text out of nowhere that said, "Eagle endorses Obama".  My first instinct was the old Dallas radio station, you know, the original Russ Martin Show, but no, that has not been around for like a million years.  (Yes, I look good for 1 million, I know)  So I called to get some clarification, and sure enough the one thing I thought it could not be, was true!

The BCS newspaper has thrown its support to the Democratic candidate.  For the first time EVER.  I knew that there was a lot of blue in south Texas, but I always thought that Aggieland would be the pocket of red.  Evidently, there are some Dems down there after all.  Not so much when I was in school.  My short, bright red hair, and facial piercings did not go over well with BCS-ers in the late 90s.  Little did they know I worked in a staunchly Christian business and could out shoot 98% of the trap and skeet team.  Yes, we really had one of those at A&M and yes, I did get fired for the piercings because the Bible said it was wrong.

Anyhoo, I am surprised that that town has become divided by this race.  A place that I have always considered overly conservative, Baptist, and Republican, is suddenly a lot less right winged.   

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


(Holy 2 posts in 1 day...crazy!)

I am a terrible niece! It is half way through October and I have not posted anything for breast cancer awareness. As many of you know, my aunt passed away back in June. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001, had a mastectomy, chemo, everything, and beat it. While the cancer was gone, it left her body broken.  Her crazy, fun loving spirit never wavered, but her body just could not sustain itself and the continued need for medical attention. We all miss her dearly and think of her daily. 

My mom and I have worked or walked the Race for the Cure since 1993 and I continued the tradition with friends in college. It was amazing to me how people rallied around me when I had a lumpectomy at the age of 19 and have always felt that I would do what I could to support others. My aunt brought that all a little closer to home than I ever wanted.

So, in support of breast cancer awareness month, please visit the Susan G. Komen website. You can do a variety of things to support the cause from test drive a car, run/walk/work the 5k, buy a number of items, or just wear a ribbon. It is a great site for information about the disease too.

There are a lot of other sites and products for purchase that donate to breast cancer foundations.  I will try and post a slew of them tomorrow.  Just know that almost anything light pink donates a portion of their proceeds.  That covers everything from nail polish and lip stick to great shoes to kitchen appliances and vacuum cleaners.
Image:Pink ribbon.png

Don't you worry

Of course I watched the debate. I do have some commentary for this one. Bear with it. I wrote it stream of consciousness so it covers a little bit of everything. Basically, all of the freely typed statements were cut and pasted together to make this post. Again, do not fret. There is more to be posted tomorrow. Plus an update on the car accident issues and my sweet new rental car pics.

Mr. McCain…Dallas has a lot, A LOT, of Republican voters. They also have a lot of swing voters this year. Your two snide little comments about the city are probably not winning over anyone. I totally agree that we need to start drilling off shore now. You looked like a fool when you said “zero!” about the health care fine. Obama was not aligned with the “extreme” aspects of abortion, he was voting for government to stay out of my womb when a doctor advises something in the name of my health. You are a much better offensive lineman than d-back. Where were you a month ago? This is the McCain I liked in 2000 and in 2002 when you wrote the McCain-Feingold bill.

Barack…way to clear the air once and for all about Ayers and Acorn! Finally! 
Health care -- what will encourage companies to continue to cover their employees? Why would I take it from my company if the government coverage is better? Can I really get the same plan you have?! That is freaking awesome! But let’s be real, never going to happen. Ledbetter was ruled correctly because of the statute of limitations. You are wrong to think it was decided incorrectly and should be overturned. You should know that.  You were law school buddies with a guy I work with now.  You are exactly what government needs as a fundraiser. People would actually buy the idea that paying taxes is patriotic with you as the president. Not to mention you are probably one of the most eloquent politicians I have ever seen in action. And yes, you get two words instead of one for “in action”. Truly, you are a brilliant speaker.

Did McCain snort at the end of the debate?! Now that is funny!

Evidently, Joe has a six-pack and is a plumber. Joe sounds a lot hotter than my plumber. I know, I know, six-pack of beer, but just let me think he has rock hard abs. Thanks.

I am really waiting for this Joe guy to be contacted by the media. You know he is going to milk his 15 minutes like no plumber before him. Who can blame him really?

Mark your calendars. November 4th. Go vote!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Day Two

Today, not even 30 minutes after I woke up, the insurance adjuster came over to look at my car. An hour and a half later, the damage has been calculated.

Drum roll please….

$3,500.00. Not kidding!
Every part of my car has to be replaced or repaired except my two doors and one panel. We could not get the hood open, so we have no idea what is going on under there and the driver seat is loose. He did not know how to classify the seat, so he did not include it in the estimate.

I then went to the doctor. I was in a similar accident in 2001 and still have issues from time to time. I wanted to make sure that this would not make it worse. The doc said it should be all good.

My car will go to the shop on Monday and I have no idea how long it will take to be fixed.

All of that took up pretty much my entire day.

I am so ready for the TX/ou game! It would really make my vacation better if Texas would win this game. Please.

Oh, and I seriously have to get some work done soon.

Friday, October 10, 2008

How I spent my fall vacation

I had a GREAT appointment at the doctor for the whole skin cancer thing. WooHoo!! She said everything looked great and I do not have to go back for another year. I am elated!

Then I met mom and Eb at Bro’s new restaurant. It opened today and we wanted to be some of his first customers. It was delicious. For those of you that remember Mama’s Pizza growing up, he has the little Italian sausage just like they used to have and it is my favorite. I am really proud of him for finally doing this after 7 years of wanting to stop working for “the man”. Love you Bro!" 

Then I headed home for some work, a nap, and a nice long walk with Coop in this wonderful weather. BUT NO!! I end up in a 5 car accident.

Long story short, PT Cruiser (who still drives those?) hits Taurus, hits me, hits Mustang, hits Camry. Dude in the Taurus is leaning out of his car with blood streaming from a gash in his forehead. Really nasty. Paramedics come, firetrucks, cops, the whole nine. The woman that caused it all, the PT Pooper, is claiming we were all just “going along” and does not know how this happened. Hey, I know…you were not paying attention to the four people STOPPED in front of you. Pooper also claims the guy hit his head because he was not wearing his seatbelt. Maybe that is how you hit him. You were trying to see if he was buckled up WHILE BEHIND HIM! Seriously, it was everything in me.

Oh, then, THEN the cop pulls four of us aside and tells us, “well, you all know she does not have insurance, right”. WHAT?! Of course she does not have insurance. That would be too logical. Grrrrr!

There, I am done. Basically, it just stinks that this had to happen. I am glad that the guy will be fine and that he was well enough to stay at the scene and help us sort it all out. I am glad that the only injury seems to be minor and that three of the cars were drivable. It just stinks that we all have to deal with it now.

Hopefully Friday will be less eventful. Here are some pics. Happy Columbus Day!

Back of the dude's car.  

Front of dude's car.  All of the fluids poured out of his car so that explains the pile of kitty litter in front of the car and into the other lanes.

Back of my car.  Little girl took a licking, but it does not look bad in this picture.  It also looks really clean for some reason.

Front of my car after it was separated from the mustang.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I know, I know...

...I was so on a roll, all posting daily and stuff. Well, work got the best of me and I spent a good bit of time doing just that over the weekend. Do not worry, there was some good football time in there too. Not much has been happening other than work.

I did get a chance to go and taste test Bro's new restaurant. It is pretty tasty...not gonna lie. Insert post title here, I am biased. But really, you can not screw up pizza. The only bummer to the new place is that it is NOWHERE NEAR WHERE I LIVE!! Those of you up north, feel free to email me and I will tell you where you can go check it out.

Things coming up...
Debate tonight
Fair days = no work on Thursday and Friday
Range with dad Thursday
Fair on Friday, but really, I could go everyday
TX/ou weekend Friday and Saturday
Game on Saturday (Hook 'em)
Back to the grind Sunday

I may or may not post with pictures and such after this weekend.  It depends on how it all turns out.   Anyone up for the fair?!

Oh!  I am also trying to figure out what to do for the Spring vacation.  I am thinking Chicago again.  It's my kind of town!  Here are pics from when we went to Oprah.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Warning : I was multitasking

[I was grading and watching at the same time, so I do not have a play-by-play feeling. I recorded it to watch it again this weekend. What does that say about me when re-watching a political debate is fun?!]

Well, well, well! Biden can actually answer a question in 90 seconds. Palin actually has some substance to her. The debate was pretty interesting. Granted, I still do not know who I will vote for and have no intention to decide based on a VP debate.

I totally agree with Palin’s stance on education and the sad place we are in when we are accepting mediocre in public schools. I found myself cheering out loud when she mentioned the fact that NCLB is not working.

I also cheered along with Biden’s camp each and every time he pointed out that the Bush years have not been great and tied McCain to GW. I am also proud of Biden for not jumping in and correcting every time Palin said something false or referred to the wrong person/leader. That would have taken up too much time.

Do I really want someone to be VP that uses phrases like “dog gone it”, “ darn right”, and “say it ain’t so” in a formal forum? I will admit that Palin did a good job, but really, did she just slow the “death spiral” she has been on since the media started covering her?

All in all, I think they both did exactly what they needed to do tonight…maintain the polls.